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Warm up song for Cycling

Submitted by Andrew Higgins

Warm Up Rap

I’m a member of Leamington Cycling and Athletics Club, which as you can imagine hasn’t seen any group coaching sessions since lockdown began. As runners (of all levels) we have missed the camaraderie, stress relief and motivation that such sessions provided: the running was always secondary. 

In a zoom call our group coach was bemoaning the fact that a lot of people don’t warm up properly before embarking on exercise, which can lead to injury, and he challenged me to do something useful and write a song about it. I said OK, as a bit of lockdown fun, but on a couple of conditions: 1) he had to provide a spoken section which listed the various drills and elements of the group warm up routine and 2) other members on the zoom call that night had to provide backing vocal contributions singing ‘warm up’ via their phone. 

The result is attached – and for better or worse my LCAC group now have a dedicated warm up song to help them remember the basics before they embark on their individual sessions. The LCAC coach was very pleased, particularly with his John Barnes style rap! I can’t claim that it has great artistic merit or wider community benefit, but I thought you might enjoy in the ‘Flour’ spirit.