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Men's Virtual Breakfast

Submitted by Wilfred Kendall

Holy Trinity Men's Virtual Breakfast

drawing of mouse with cheese

About a year ago, we noticed that the men of our church were much worse than the women at keeping in touch. After some thought (and rather to our surprise) we found ourselves starting up a Mens' Breakfast in a local pub: fortnightly on Saturdays at 0900 for 1 hour so as to minimize impact on family responsibilities. It became an enjoyable way to actually talk to each other. And then lockdown happened. No chance of a real breakfast together any more, but instead we began to meet by Zoom for 40 minutes virtual coffee at 1100 each Saturday. And the meeting has flourished; the crisis has made it easier to be more intentional about meeting in this way. We follow a fairly set pattern: once round the group saying how the week has gone, often some kind of activity just to keep things light (for example, bringing a drawing made during the week using only one's feet, such as the appended picture "mouse with cheese"), and then in conclusion briefly praying for each other. We will be glad to get back to real meetings (and real breakfasts) when finally lockdown ceases. But we've learned some valuable lessons along the way, about what really matters in a crisis.