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Volunteering for testing

Submitted by Gary Stocker

Coronavirus Home Test


I was asked to help in a study to see if I could help with the crisis by providing a swab to see if I had corona. I said yes and they sent me a kit. I had to book a courier. Then the day that he was due, take the swab before 8 am and store it in the fridge until he arrived. It was not pleasant, I had to take a sample from my tonsils! Anyway, I received the results, I have not got it! I have attached images of the front cover of the booklet describing it and both sides of the explanatory letter. I know that they are quite routine administration, but they will be a bit of social history in a few years time.

I have put my name down for the Crisis Project and gave some unwanted duvet covers for someone in our village who is collecting them for a group in Southam, who are making them into scrubs. The first weekend after shutdown I remember that it all seemed rather surreal. So I remember late morning time, before Sunday dinner, putting a video recording of the last, "Last Night of the Proms" tv showing, followed by another tv recording of some old World War One songs from when they were commemorating the start of the First World War back in 2014 (some of the recordings on the BT Vision box are a bit old!). I just thought that with all the uncertainty that it might lift morale. It did a bit!

With Easter, I do guide work monthly at St Mary's church in Warwick and often go to the Easter Sunday service. Obviously we could not go this year. However they put a recording of last year's service on Youtube on Easter Sunday morning. We had Songs of Praise in last year, who televised it, and we still had the recording. I was on there for all of a couple of seconds (my claim to fame!). Watching that lifted morale as well.