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Kindness and patience

Submitted by Anonymous

Lockdown life and the fun it brings!

When lockdown was first announced I was apprehensive, scared and filled with anxiety about what our life would be like. I was unsure how the balance of the online training I had to do, the home schooling of my 5 year old daughter and then also stimulating my 3 year old daughter would pan out. It actually worked really well, the girls were so patient, kind and were able to take on the current situation so well they actually taught me new ways to handle things.

I feel I have been given the gift of time in a time when life seems so unsure. <br><br>I am now on furlough so it is more manageable to achieve all the tasks I set for myself each day. (I am kind to myself and I ensure they are manageable.) I have learnt many new qualities in this time but the two that stand out the most are ‘Kindness’ and ‘Patience ’. Life was so busy before but I now have time to stop and actually take note of the world around me. I listen properly to the answer when I ask people how they are.

I am also more patient now with things which has made this time definitely more manageable and definitely truly more enjoyable. We have been able to enjoy more experiences as a family, to be able to take time to enjoy the nature we see around us on the walks we have taken. We have shared moments of laughter and shared memories that will be forever treasured. Photos in our minds of the time in which we are living now.