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Submitted by Anonymous

Possibilities and personal journeys

Personal journeys through the challenges that lockdown has forced us to face have been unique. For my little family we’ve actually gained a big improvement to our quality of life. For years we’ve been trapped in long commutes with our 4 year old spending long hours in childcare. Trying to shoehorn family time, exercise, healthy eating, house and car maintenance and opportunities for personal growth into the scant hours of free time was exhausting. Suddenly our collective 23 hours per week of commute time vanished giving us vital time together and the chance to slow down instead. My husband and daughter have enjoyed wonderful quality time together that his gruelling 11 hour days didn’t use to allow. I’m not new to working from home, I used to do it due to a long-term health condition. I know the huge benefits that the gift of being given time back has on improving health, wellbeing and our general outlook on life.

Change to routine can be an immense catalyst, revealing things to us that we couldn’t have understood until we actually experienced them. Working from home has had its challenges, but we are doing it, and we are doing it well. I’ve experienced more eye contact with my team via video link than I ever experienced in the office! There are definite elements of feeling more in control of time, being healthier and causing far less impact on the environment. For our family the opportunity to work from home gives us a lifestyle that is full of possibility in many positive and exciting ways. Taking a break and playing Hungry Hippos or sitting in the garden for 10 minutes has a far more beneficial impact on my creativity and energy than a break in the office could offer.

If exhaustion and stress diminished our existence before then perhaps having space and time signal the beginning of unlocking our human potential to evolve beyond our past expectations of 'life'.