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Learning lessons

Submitted by Anonymous

Letter to my MP

With this terrible covid-19 pestilence plateauing out, I think that society as a whole can learn some lessons from it about what is really important.

We all play our part in society; however, I think that this pandemic has highlighted some important members of society who are ordinarily overlooked by all of us.

Delivery people and supermarket people have kept customers supplied not just with essentials, but have continued to do so with non-essential items. Essential services have kept the infrastructure and services going. Medical staff, well I cannot praise them anymore than everyone else has already!

In addition, manufacturers have done their best, and in many cases have succeeded in fulfilling a lot of needs. This has included engineering companies producing parts for ventilators, textile manufacturers producing PPE, spiritous liquor companies producing hand sanitiser and hand wash. A lot of this has involved some very quick retooling into unfamiliar territory and some of them have only been charging cost price.

A lot of unsung heroes and heroines have been volunteers who have been helping. Whether it has been with the NHS, local charities or just being neighbourly. Volunteers save the country a lot of money ordinarily anyway. How much is debateable , but most estimates put it in the billions. During this current crisis, they have really risen to the challenge.

The environment (generally speaking) has done well. On a global level, it has been noticeable from earth orbit and on a local scale, most conservationists say that things have improved both with air quality and wild life.

So now that there are signs that things are potentially returning to “normal”, I think that there are lessons to be learned. What about delivery people and supermarket people getting a larger bite of the economic apple? Also, along with essential service people and medical people, be held up more as role models for society?

Although I do think that manufacturers have had their importance realised a lot more in recent years in this country, there is still room for improvement. A lot of them have risen to the challenge. So let us think twice before sourcing supplies from abroad at the drop of a hat and allowing hostile takeover bids by asset strippers to go ahead.

With the environment, we all depend on it one way or another. Environmental problems are going to remain with us pandemic or no pandemic. A lot of people have realised that maybe commuting as much or having as many business trips is not entirely necessary, with being able to work from home more or having video conferencing calls more.

Obviously, some of these suggestions are fixable by society as a whole, rather than just the Government, but I think that the Government could offer some encouragement and incentives. As I said, no-one wanted this horrible situation, but let us learn some positive lessons from it and then all of the suffering might not have been totally in vain. .