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What about rubbish or garbage deliveries?

Rubbish (trash or garbage) collection

See how to dispose of your waste safely.

Student accommodation on campus

If your flat is in self-isolation we have clear Government guidelines over the handling of your waste and rubbish, please make sure you follow these guidelines carefully to protect the teams who are supporting you in the residences:

  • As you are in self-isolation and not allowed to leave your accommodation, we have arranged for a bin to be delivered to your flat door.
  • It is really important that all personal waste including tissues, used face masks and so on, must be held in your personal waste bins in your bedroom for 72 hours before disposing in the bin placed outside your flat
  • Kitchen waste can be tied up in the bags provided and disposed of in the bin at your flat door on a daily basis but must not contain any personal waste such as tissues etc.

Staff and Family residences

If you are in self-isolation because you tested positive within Heronbank or Lakeside apartments:

  • You should not leave the block to dispose of waste. You should use the bin we will arrange to be provided for you, once you notify us, which will be delivered to your flat door
  • The additional bin that will be delivered will be changed weekly
  • All kitchen waste can be tied-up in the bags provided and disposed of on a daily basis in the bin provided.