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Community responsibilities

Our three responsibilities

The University is committed to protecting students and staff, and has introduced a range of safety measures to reduce the risks associated with Covid-19.

As a community, all staff and students can and should play their part in supporting University and local public health measures. This collective approach is embodied in the following three responsibilities that we ask everyone at the University to commit to.

1) Behave in a Covid-19 secure manner

Stay informed and follow UK Government guidance on travel, quarantine, health and safety and other measures at all times.

Stay informed and follow the University's policies on face coverings and social distancing on campus.

2) Act swiftly on Covid-19 symptoms

Follow NHS and University guidance on self-isolating, testing, quarantining, sick leave, mitigating circumstances and reporting within the University. This is a developing situation so regularly check this website to see the latest information.

Use the University Test and Trace system for symptoms of Covid-19. Follow all instructions if given a positive test result, and/or if you are identified as being in possible contact with someone diagnosed with Covid-19.

It is recommended for students who are yet to leave their term-time accommodation, to test before they travel away from university for the summer break.

3) Actively support one another

Recognise and respect that some individuals may be exempt from our expected behaviours – such as face coverings – for reasons that are not always visible.

If you see anyone behaving contrary to guidance, you can raise your concerns with them in a constructive and sensitive manner. Alternatively raise your concerns with a member of staff, line manager or HR.

Support our Campus Security staff to keep our campus safe by sharing your name and staff/student number, if requested.

Please note

Wilfully and repeatedly breaching of University guidance is an act of misconduct and may result in disciplinary action being taken, as identified in our disciplinary framework for students and for staff.