Coronavirus (Covid-19): Latest updates and information
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What happens if students break the Covid-19 rules?

Covid-19 escalation and disciplinary framework for students

Find out what happens if you do not follow safety guidelines.

Our expectations of you

We expect every staff member and student to follow University guidance and policy associated with Covid-19, as well as the Government’s Covid-19 guidance and laws.

Our measures to keep our community safe include, but are not limited to:

We acknowledge that some individuals’ personal circumstances may exempt them from being able to follow certain guidance or requirements, and we provide guidance and support on this. Find out about sunflower lanyards on campus.

You can see the full measures that are in place to keep our community safe under the Safety on Campus pages on this website. You can also see Community Responsibilities which outline the expected behaviours of all members of our community.

How have we communicated this?

We are committed to keeping you informed and educated on the measures and behaviours required to keep individuals and the wider community safe. We will keep in contact in the following ways:

  • This 'Stay Safe at Warwick' website
  • MyWarwick
  • Physical signage on campus
  • Digital signage on campus
  • Your Covid-19 safety guide booklet

What happens if someone breaks the rules?

If you see someone who is behaving inappropriately and contrary to guidance, you should raise concerns directly with them in an open, constructive, and polite manner. Please remember that some people are exempt from guidelines.

If anyone wilfully or repeatedly breaches University or Government guidance, policies, or laws in relation to Covid-19, they are putting our community at risk:

  • They will be subject to sanctions in line with our sanctions framework and Regulation 23 on Student Discipline or Regulation 27 On-Campus Residential Accommodation. This applies to incidents both on and off campus.
  • The sanctions range from a fine of £200 through to being temporarily or permanently withdrawn from your course of study.
  • In addition, any student who has breached the law and Covid-19 Regulations will be reported as appropriate to the Police, Public Health or Border Agency.

Covid-19 sanctions framework for students

We have outlined some examples of incidents below. If the incident or behaviour does not clearly fall within one of the examples, the Director of Student Discipline will determine the level most appropriate.

This applies to incidents both on and off campus.

Level 0: Unintentional Lapse

Level 0 offences are when you fail to comply with the University’s policies around face coverings, social distancing, following one way systems and signage.

The entire community is empowered to make an initial challenge to behaviours that are acting against our policies. If a member of the community receives a positive response to their request to comply, no further action is required.

If a negative reaction is received the incident should be escalated to level 1.

Level 1: First Offence

Level 1 offences include:

  • Failure to comply with the University’s face covering policy
  • Failure to observe social distancing when interacting with others outdoors on campus
  • Taking part in an outdoor gathering which breaches social distance guidance or regulations

Should the first offence be deemed to be of a serious nature then disciplinary action may be immediately taken at a higher level in this framework.

The Residential Life Team, Campus Security and Staff can enforce sanctions including:

  • Verbal Warning
  • Formal Written Warning

  • Fine - which would normally be £200 in line with police fixed penalty notices

  • Requirement to acknowledge receipt of Covid-19 Guidance
Level 2: Second offence

Level 2 offences include:

  • Repeated occurrence of one of the above (or similar) offences
  • Failure to comply with a reasonable request in relation to a COVID-19 incident

  • Allowing members of other households to visit or visiting other households in indoor spaces against Government guidance

  • Failure to observe social distancing or interacting with another household / student academic bubble

The Residential Life Team, Campus Security, and Student Discipline can enforce sanctions including those from Level 1 and one or more of the following:

  • Fine of £200 which may double for each subsequent offence in line with police fixed penalty notices
  • Formal written warning
  • Up to two weeks’ exclusion from specified Campus facilities
Level 3: Persistent offending or major offence

Level 3 offences include:

  • Multiple occurrence of one of the above
  • Providing false or misleading information to the University following a reasonable request in relation to a COVID-19 incident
  • Deliberate significant breach of Covid-19 social distancing regulations (for instance arranging or attending a large house party or large outdoor gathering that breaches Government guidelines)
  • Referred to University by Police for actions breaching the Covid-19 regulations.

Authorised officers can enforce sanctions from level 1 and 2, plus one or more of the following:

  • Sanction decided by Director of Student Discipline and Resolution of up to £800
  • Referral to a Student Discipline Committee Hearing by correspondence who may apply any sanction available to them from a fine through to Temporary Withdrawal minimum 2 weeks up to a term.
  • Referral to a full Student Discipline Committee who may apply any of the sanctions available to them from a fine through to Temporary or Permanent Withdrawal
Level 4: Significant Breach of Regulation or Law

Level 4 offences include:

  • Failure to self-isolate when told to do so following a positive Covid-19 test
  • Failure to self-isolate when required to do so by the University or the NHS Test and Trace Service

  • Failure to self-isolate when a student has travelled from a country without a UK travel corridor

  • Non-compliance with travel restrictions as per UK Government guidance

  • Coughs or spits directed at another individual (or threatens to do so)

The Student Discipline team and the Police may take action against you.

  • Following action (if any) taken by the Police or Courts: Referral to a Full Student Discipline Committee who may apply any of the sanctions available to them from a fine through to Temporary or Permanent Withdrawal

For all levels, if the Police, Courts or other Civil Authority issue a fine or formal caution the University will consider a period of exclusion for breaching the criminal law and bringing the University into disrepute

Major offences

Major offences or significant breaches may immediately follow the framework set out under Level 3 or 4 even if it was a first offence.

How can I report a breach of guidance?

We expect that it will be possible to deal with most issues with a reminder to follow guidance.

If an incident is at Level 2 or above, staff and students can report student breaches of guidance using the Health and Safety reporting form.