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Hand washing and sanitiser

What do you need to do?

You should follow government advice and wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds, either with soap or hand sanitiser.

We have installed hand sanitiser stations where they have been identified in a risk assessment, which is generally where people cannot easily wash their hands with soap and water.

We have also installed hand sanitiser units at entrances and exits to buildings as they have re-opened.

We will also be increasing our cleaning and decontamination routines.

How to wash your hands thoroughly

To keep your hands really clean, you should wash with soap and water under hot water regularly. Make sure you wash between your fingers, under your fingernails, and on the backs of your palms too.

20 seconds

You should ideally wash your hands for about the same amount of time as it takes you to sing the 'Happy Birthday' song to yourself twice.

You can see step by step instructions from the World Health Organisation (WHO)

Hand sanitiser

If you're buying your own hand sanitiser, make sure it has above 70% alcohol content to be effective, and keep washing your hands too.

Hand sanitiser is a useful product for when you are out and about, but it does not replace washing your hands. If you use alcohol sanitisers very frequently, they can take the natural oils out of your skin and lead to irritation and dryness. Try using hand creams and moisturisers to help with this problem.