Please read our student and staff community guidance on COVID-19
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Planning ahead for a second wave

Planning ahead

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve prioritised the safety and wellbeing of our University community, focusing on our students, our staff, and on supporting the wider community.

To make sure we’re prepared for any situation, we’re developing our own alert-level system. We’re also doing extensive risk assessments and will be closely following UK government guidance to inform our decision making as the situation progresses. Any action we take is driven by the safety of our community.

Whatever the circumstances, we’re well prepared to ensure that our students can enjoy an excellent learning experience, our staff can focus on their role and development, and we can all achieve our goals.

What will the University do if there's a second wave?

Firstly, and most importantly, we will continue to closely follow and act upon UK government guidance, and we will keep you as safe as possible.

Whatever happens, we'll be ready to support you.

We are currently preparing our alert-level system, and thinking about how best we can communicate the information to our varied community of staff, students and visitors. Once it is ready, we will put more information onto this web page.

We will continue to communicate quickly and effectively through this website, email, insite and MyWarwick.

Please be considerate of others

It will be some time before we can be together again as we are used to on campus and we will all need to support each other as we get used to different ways of working, teaching and learning.

Let's watch out for each other

If you notice that someone is not following the guidelines, please let them know in a friendly and polite way. If someone reminds you of the guidelines, please don’t take offence – it's easy to forget, and we all have a role to play in keeping each other safe.