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What if I am at home?

What if I am at home when something happens?

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I went home, and someone else got sick at Warwick while I was away

You may be at home when someone you knew on campus goes into self-isolation. This applies to people from:

  • Your kitchen group
  • Your household
  • Or just people you were in close contact with

If this happens and you have been in close contact with someone, you should remain at home and self isolate.

See how long to self isolate for.

I went home and then I got sick

You may have gone home for a visit and become unwell. If so you need to remain at home and seek medical advice. This may include a Covid-19 test.

You must remain at home until the test results are known.

If you have a positive test then you must remain at home until you complete your self-isolation period and you are feeling well.

You should only return to your residences when your test result is negative.

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