Coronavirus (Covid-19): Latest updates and information
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University-managed off campus accommodation FAQs

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National Lockdown

Can I return to my term time accommodation?

View the latest University position on which students can return.

If you aren't already back in your term time accommodation, then you need to remain where you are and engage remotely unless you are studying a course that is permitted to resume face to face teaching.

What does the current National Lockdown mean for students living off campus?

We will continue to provide support and facilities for students who are living in University managed off campus accommodation.

For students specifically, National lockdown means:

  • No mixing of kitchen groups/households
  • If you are living off-campus but within reasonable commuting distance, then you may use the library on campus to collect books to support your online study using their click & collect service. We would strongly recommend that you book a Covid-19 test before using any campus facilities and that as far as possible you avoid public transport. Please ensure that you wear a face covering in any indoor spaces
  • Warwick Sport facilities are currently closed. You can continue to exercise alone, with one other person from another household in a socially distant manner outside or with others from your household group. This should be limited to once per day. When you are around others outdoors then it is important that you maintain 2 metres social distance from those outside of your household group. Sports Hub FAQs

If you are living in University managed off campus accommodation, you must not leave your residence except:

  • To resume face to face teaching, provided you are studying a course permitted to do so.
  • To shop for essential supplies such as food, medicine, etc
  • For medical appointments and medical emergencies
  • To have a COVID-19 test
  • To exercise once a day (not for recreational or social purposes)
  • To visit the Library to collect books to support your online study using their click & collect service
  • To visit main campus for individual study, but only if it is essential. We have limited study spaces in the PG Hub (available to postgraduate students), BioMed Grid (available to Medical students) and Rootes Grid (for undergraduate and other current students). You can check the Library web pages for further updates. You should only do this if you live within a reasonable commuting distance and if you do not have access to appropriate study spaces or facilities in your usual accommodation
  • In an emergency. For example, if you hear the fire alarm sounding. You should still leave the building in a swift and safe manner

I am eligible to study on campus, what do I need to do?

For students who have already travelled to University or are eligible to return in line with government and university guidance, the new government guidance states you must not move back and forth between your term-time address and your home address during term time; this means once here, you will need to remain in your term time accommodation.

In order to ensure your safety and the safety of our wider community, the government has stressed the importance of asymptomatic testing in the fight against the virus. We will provide this service via the government testing centre at The Slate on campus, details on how to book can be found on our site.

What is the current national lockdown travel guidance?

You must not leave your home unless you have a reasonable excuse. If you need to travel you should stay local – meaning avoiding travelling outside of your village, town or the part of a city where you live – and look to reduce the number of journeys you make overall. The list of reasons you can leave your home and area can be found here.

Can I collect my belongings from University accommodation?

You should avoid returning to collect any of your belongings which you may have left at your university accommodation over the winter break. However, you can travel back once to collect any medical equipment or items required for online learning if it is essential.

I don't have adequate study space/it's better for my mental health for me to go back to Warwick - can I come back?

There are some exceptional circumstances where you can return to campus, these can be found here.

Do I have to stay in my accommodation?

You should remain in your accommodation unless you have a reasonable excuse. For example, you can leave for education purposes, to buy essential goods or for outdoor exercise once a day. Read the full government guidance.


Will students living in Warwick managed off campus accommodation receive a rent waiver?

The University has waived part of term 2 rent for students living on campus but this has only been possible because this accommodation is within the University’s exclusive control and ownership; off-campus accommodation is not in the University’s control and ownership in the same way. It involves private sector landlords, who own the properties that the University has leased to you. The Tenancy Agreement continues to afford students with off campus contracts the accommodation as demised at the start of their tenancy and the University will continue to provide support to all off campus tenants with access to a Property Manager and maintenance services.

The University has contacted property owners to ask if they may be willing to forgo payments owing to them, as we did during the previous restrictions. Property owners themselves may too be affected by the current circumstances and a great many are reliant on the rental income received; therefore, the University will be unable to waive off campus rent without their agreement. If you are affected and your property owner has agreed to reduce or waive your rent, Warwick Accommodation will contact you directly to inform you; GDPR requirements mean we are not able to share owner contact details with you. Due to the volume of enquiries being managed by Warwick Accommodation, please do not contact us to enquire about your personal circumstances in relation to payment refunds or waivers; we will contact you before the end of February if your property owner has agreed to offer you a rent waiver, partial rent waiver or gesture of goodwill.

If you are currently experiencing financial hardship as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and you are unable to pay your Warwick Off Campus accommodation fees due to financial hardship, please contact the Credit Control team at so that they can work with you to agree a payment plan.

If you are experiencing wider financial hardship and are struggling to meet your other essential day-to-day living costs then please contact the Student Funding team at

Arriving at my accommodation

Can I return to my on-campus or off-campus University managed accommodation before I have had two asymptomatic tests?

Guidance for students returning to their off-campus accommodation is regularly changing and also varies depending on your individual circumstances. You can find full guidance on what to do if you are travelling from within the UK, returning from abroad or picking up your key for the first time here.

I am yet to arrive, how do I arrive and collect keys?

If you are yet to arrive you should only do so if you are eligible to return in line with government guidance. Full arrival instructions should have been emailed directly to you at least 1 week ahead of your contract start date. Information on arrivals is updated in line with government guidance and you should review this information within 48 hours of arriving. If you have any further queries regarding key collection or your arrival please feel free to email

I am yet to arrive - I will be moving into a new property with other students who will all be coming from different households, is this permitted?

We are following the current government advice for your arrival.

After you become a new household there are several things to bear in mind:

If you join a new household and you develop symptoms the UK Government have, during the course of the pandemic, imposed a self-isolation period for the member of the household displaying symptoms and a different period for other members of the household, we would advise you to follow their latest advice if this situation arises.

If you share facilities or common areas with other people, all residents, even from within the same household should always do their very best to follow guidance to stay at home and away from others. Everyone in the household should regularly wash their hands, avoid touching their face, and regularly clean frequently touched surfaces.


How do I keep my space clean?

Cleanliness in your home is important for many reasons, not least to prevent the spread of any infectious disease such as COVID-19. We recommend that you regularly clean your bedroom and en suite (if you have one) and, a rota is devised between you and your housemates to take care of your shared spaces. In addition to this you should clean the kitchen before and after every use and store your belongings in one of the many kitchen cupboards or in your room. This will ensure they are kept personal to you.

I am yet to arrive, will the property be deep cleaned before my arrival?

Yes, the property was deep cleaned before the start of your tenancy. Note that some of your flat mates may arrive before you and we will not clean the property again specifically ahead of your arrival, however when you move in you will form a household together and should clean communal areas together as you normally would – we find that devising a cleaning rota together soon after your arrival works best. You should only arrive during national lockdown if you are eligible to do so as outlined in the government guidance.


If I develop Covid-19 symptoms, or a member of my household does what do I do?

If you or a flatmate should become ill or develop symptoms, you should self-isolate immediately and contact our Test and Trace team and your Property Manager to inform them.

If you are required to self-isolate whilst feeling unwell or waiting for test results, the University will guide and support you on next steps.

How will I get food/medicine if I have too self-isolate?

Should you need to self-isolate, you will need to arrange online deliveries and observe social distancing guidelines when accepting these deliveries.

Find out what support is available whilst you self-isolate.

I am yet to arrive, do I need to bring my own kitchen equipment?

If you are yet to arrive you should only do so if you are eligible to return in line with government guidance. If you are eligible to arrive during the current national lockdown we advise that you bring your own cooking utensils for your sole use which can then be stored separately in your communal kitchen.

If something is broken in the house will someone still come to fix it?

It is important to report repairs to your Property Manager as you normally would. Your Property Manager will then assess the situation as some contractors can currently still visit people’s homes to carry out any work or maintenance provided it is conducted in accordance with government guidance. We will always advise you when to expect a contractor to call at your property and of any steps you should take in readiness for when they arrive.

Find out how to report a fault and our out of hours cover guidance.

Will there be routine inspections of my property?

There will be no routine inspections currently, but it may be necessary for your Property Manager to visit if you have reported a fault or a maintenance issue. Please be assured that our staff will always follow government and university guidelines when we do visit. Alternatively, please leave your telephone number when you log a fault report and your Property Manager/Assistant Property Manager will contact you to arrange a virtual assessment.

I feel worried, who can I talk to?

The University has created and is continually updating an online resource for frequently asked questions – please check the guidance on our safety off campus web pages for further information as you may find the answer to your query is common amongst other students. Our Test and Trace FAQ and self-isolation webpages may be particularly helpful if you are concerned about Covid-19.

Your wellbeing is just as important to us as your physical health and safety. Thanks to our strong network of wellbeing support, you can be sure we are here for you, whatever you need. Our Wellbeing Support Services offers support and guidance, whether online or in person (at a safe distance).

Is there anything else I need to remember?

We need you to help us keep you safe. Whilst in your accommodation it is important that you:

  • Wash your hands regularly, for at least 20 seconds, with soap
  • Strictly avoid any contact with someone who has symptoms
  • Keep your room as ventilated as possible by keeping a window open when you are in your room. Remember to close your window when you are out

If you share a kitchen with others:

  • Don’t share crockery, glasses and cutlery and keep your equipment away from others
  • Remember to use a separate tea towel for drying everything
  • Clean surfaces before and after use with your normal cleaning products
  • Follow local guidelines about use of kitchens, for example, follow your kitchen rota if you have created one