Coronavirus (Covid-19): Latest updates and information
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Arrivals, immigration and dates

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If you are a new student, find out more about our Welcome Week, and start getting ready for joining us. You can also find about campus accommodation and off-campus accommodation.


You will be sent guidance on how and when to arrive at Warwick.

We appreciate that getting to campus is a challenge at the moment for some.

If you are an international student, see our International Student Arrivals guidance to find out what Warwick is doing to help you. You can also see what to do if you have to self-isolate when you arrive. This might apply to you if you are travelling from outside of a Travel Corridor.


If you are a new international student, see our guidance for travelling and arriving in the UK. If you are a current student arriving from overseas, see our guidance for re-entering the UK.

If you are a new European student, see our EEA student guidance about the implication of Brexit, and how the date you plan to arrive in the UK may affect your future immigration status.

Term 1 dates revised and explained

We are still looking forward to welcoming you and your fellow students onto campus for the start of Term 1 on 5 October 2020. New students can take part in our digital-first Welcome Week starting 26 September 2020.

It is important that you read this information thoroughly.

We remain committed to delivering an on-campus, blended learning experience and strongly encourage students to arrive in the UK at the earliest opportunity.

However, in the past few weeks it has become increasingly apparent that flights to the UK may well be limited. We are responding to this by providing a more flexible approach to Term 1.

1) You need to enrol

You'll need to enrol for your course before you start. This is also referred to as Course Registration.

  • You do this this online from wherever you are in the world, but it needs to be completed within two weeks of the official course start date. For your official course start date please see the dates in 'Show me all course start dates' below.
  • Enrolling allows you to complete module registration and to start your course in person or online.
  • The enrolment deadlines apply to all new students (UK, EU/EEA/Swiss, and international).
  • You will still be required to enrol at the start of term 1 regardless of your physical location, and you will still need to pay tuition fees.

2) Check your official course start date and latest start date

You can find your official course start date on your offer letter and your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS), if applicable. This is the date that the course commences and you will begin learning.

As we said previously, we are aware that some new and returning students will face challenges getting onto campus, so we have revised the latest start date. This refers to the last day you can physically arrive in the UK ahead of beginning your studies in person as well as online.

We are now allowing students domiciled outside of the UK, who physically cannot get to the UK, to arrive on campus for the start of Term 2, which is 11 January 2021 (with a couple of exceptions) detailed in the ‘See all course start dates’ link below.

For Postgraduate Research courses, the course start date will be as per your offer letter; the course registration deadline will be four weeks from the course start date and the latest physical start date will be 11 January 2021.

Course Official Course Start Date Course Registration Deadline Latest Start Date (physical arrival in
the UK)
Chemistry undergraduate courses (New Students) 28 September 19 October 9 November 2020
All other Undergraduate courses and Student Mobility courses 2020 (New Students) 28 September (new students only for
Welcome Week)
19 October 11 January 2021
Undergraduate courses and Student
Mobility courses 2020 (Returning Students)
5 October 19 October 11 January 2021
Warwick International Foundation Programme (WIFP) 28 September 19 October 23 November 2020
Postgraduate courses
(excluding PGCE and MB ChB)
Economics courses 21 September 5 October 11 January 2021
WBS Postgraduate Taught courses (excluding Full-Time MBA) 26 September 10 October 11 January 2021
WBS Full-Time MBA 28 September 12 October 11 January 2021
Chemistry Postgraduate Taught courses 28 September 12 October 11 January 2021
WMG Postgraduate Taught courses 5 October 19 October 11 January 2021
CIM courses 5 October 19 October 11 January 2021
All other Postgraduate Taught courses 5 October 19 October 11 January 2021
Postgraduate Research courses 5 October 2 November 11 January 2021

3) Letting us know about your date of arrival

We realise that, depending on where you are in the world, travelling to Warwick at the moment may be more difficult than usual. Your academic department will be in touch with you with details of how you can begin the Autumn term from outside of the UK and are unable to join us in-person. This page will be updated over the coming weeks and months to help you do just that.

We would hope that most students will be able to start the course and arrive in the UK well before the latest start date specified, after having completed the online course registration form (enrolment).

After careful consideration of the criteria below, if you feel you have no option but to arrive on campus at a later date than the Official Course Start Date specified, you must inform your department.

In exceptional circumstances, you may seek permission to arrive on campus after the start of term. Each case will be assessed on the basis of the specific criteria listed below.

Criteria for consideration of Approval of Late Arrival

Travel Restrictions/Limitations

  • Local lockdown arrangements and/or travel-related considerations make it impossible, inadvisable or impractical for you to travel to campus at the start of term.

Personal Circumstances

  • Health factors put you in a vulnerable group with a high-risk factor should you contract Covid-19.
  • You are recovering from a Covid-19 related illness and are fit to study, but it is medically inadvisable for you to travel to and attend the University at the start of term.
  • You or members of your household are required or advised to self-isolate and hence you are not permitted to travel in time to arrive at Warwick at the start of term.
  • Your personal or health circumstances are such that travel to the University for the start of term would adversely affect your mental and/or physical health.
  • Your personal or health circumstances are such that being resident and/or studying in person at the University at the start of term would adversely affect your mental and/or physical health.

How you can let us know

Your academic department will email you and ask you to do one of the following:

  • Complete and submit a Student Arrival Details Form by no later than 16 September 2020
  • Send an email to a specified resource account with details of your circumstances by no later than 16 September 2020

This will inform our planning of classes through Term 1 and enable us to provide better support to you. It is vital that you engage fully through the remote teaching and learning channels we are providing.

International students will receive separate email reminders from Student Immigration and Compliance team about uploading copies of their travel visa (if enrolled before getting a visa and not travelling to the UK for some time), uploading immigration entry stamp once they arrive in the UK, booking an appointment to collect BRP from the University or uploading copies of BRP (if collecting from the Post Office). Please ensure that you check your Warwick email account regularly and take actions promptly.

Home students

For home students based in the UK, while there will not be the same travel limitations, we realise that there will be members of our community who will be self-isolating or extremely vulnerable. We are doing all that we can to ensure that we create an environment on campus that is as safe as it can be, as well as going beyond the standard Government guidelines in England. If you want to be considered for a late arrival, please check the criteria above and contact your academic department to understand the next steps you can take.

4) If you need a CAS to study in the UK (Tier 4 students)

If you haven't been issued your CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) yet, the latest start date will be changed to 11 January 2021 – this is for all the CAS which are issued from 12 August 2020.

If you have already been issued with your CAS, and you cannot travel to the UK by the latest course start date in your CAS (November 2020 for most students who received their CAS before 12 August), Student Immigration will contact you 2 weeks prior to the latest start date stated in your CAS. The University will permit you to delay your physical start date until 11 January 2021, and therefore, at this point, your CAS will be updated to indicate the revised latest course start date, and you will receive an email confirmation.

Please be aware that you are required to register on your course and start your studies according to the course start date on your CAS.