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Fees and funding

Frequently asked questions

The University continues to support all students in achieving their desired learning outcomes. As such, you will be expected to pay your fees. We appreciate this is an exceptional time, but it is important that you continue to pay your tuition fees by the published due date.

If you are a postgraduate student in receipt of a stipend, you will continue to receive this, provided:

  • you are fully enrolled
  • you are temporarily withdrawn however, you are entitled to receive a stipend e.g. you are receiving maternity/paternity/adoption pay

Your monthly stipend will reach your bank account by the 1st of the month. If you have any further questions or concerns please contact the postgraduate scholarships team directly at pgscholarships at warwick dot ac dot uk.

You should apply in accordance with where you will be living at start of your course (for instance at home if you are starting virtually). You must then update Student Finance England later in the year if you move onto campus so that your funding can be reassessed.

Please visit the UK Government’s guidance for prospective students for the latest Student Loans Company advice surrounding issues relating to Covid-19.

The Warwick Hardship Fund is intended to provide selective help to students who have serious financial difficulties. Grants from the Warwick Hardship Fund are needs related and are non-repayable. They are intended to help with day-to-day essential expenses and course-related costs, such as the costs of accommodation, childcare, transport, books and utilities.

See more information about our Hardship Fund.

If a student is not planning to return to campus until Term Two and will be studying online, they should still be able to take their student loans as normal as long as they meet the standard eligibility criteria.

Further details can be found on the Student Funding website.

If you decide to take a period of Temporary Withdrawal, your student loan may be affected. If you are withdrawing part way through a year and have already received your Maintenance Loan for that term, you may be requested to repay this loan depending on the reasons for your withdrawal. Please contact studentfunding at warwick dot ac dot uk for us to discuss this further with you.