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Disability support

Disabled Students

We advise all students to follow our general social distancing guidelines on staying alert and keeping safe.

Nevertheless, we recognise that the current situation may result in additional challenges for some disabled students who may also be in high-risk categories.

These are some addditional areas to consider:

  • Familiarising yourself with any alternative routes, one way systems, and different lift locations and raising any accessibility issues so they can be addressed appropriately. The University is making every effort to maintain campus accessibility, but in order to mitigate risks and observe social distancing, alternative arrangements might be implemented
  • Notifying the University if as a result of the use of any protective equipment such as face coverings, you will find communications difficult. Staff across the Institution will be looking to reinforce any important messages through a variety of channels including in writing
  • Notifying the University if as a result of a disability, such as a visual condition, you will find observing social distancing measures difficult
  • Contacting the Disability team in advance of your arrival if you will be accompanied by personal assistants and/or carers to discuss your support requirements including allocation of live in carers in the same household
  • Contacting the Disability team in advance of your arrival if you must bring a guide/assistant dog, to ensure facilities are available in accordance with social distancing measures

Who should I talk to?

As a community, we are all responsible to support each other when we can, in a safe and appropriate way. There are different ways we can achieve that:

  • Offering reassurance to students within your ‘household’ if you realise that they are finding anything difficult. That could include helping them contact a member of staff for support
  • Contact a member of the Residential Life Team to discuss any concerns
  • Contact the Disability team in Wellbeing Support Services to discuss any individual support you may require
  • Contact Campus Security for any advice and in the case of any emergencies
  • Report any campus accessibility issues to the Estates Accessibility team. You can also contact the Students’ Union

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