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Guidance for parents, guardians and carers

Term 3 at Warwick

Visit our Term 3 at Warwick page for the latest FAQs.

National Coronavirus restrictions

See our campus status page to see what this means for Warwick

Asymptomatic testing

All staff and students living, studying or working regularly, on campus will have access to two lateral flow tests per week until Wednesday 30 June. We are providing this service via the government testing centre at The Slate on campus.

Frequently asked questions

We know this is a hard time and that many of you have questions. We will be updating this page over time so please make a note of it. You can write to us using the feedback box with your enquiries.

Self-isolation FAQs

Who is looking after students and bringing them basic supplies?

We have a team of staff members delivering food, laundry and parcels to students in self-isolation on campus. They can call the Self-Isolation answerphone messaging service on 02476 151 230 if they have any concerns or questions.

For prescriptions, we have a nearby pharmacy, which offers a delivery service. Our on-campus pharmacy does not offer deliveries. However, they will allow friends of students self-isolating to collect their prescriptions on their behalf.

See our support and guidance

Is there anything I can do to help?

Right now we would encourage you to keep in touch regularly, and also to become familiar with this website. For example, you could order food deliveries on their behalf. Please encourage them to get ready in advance of a potential period of self-isolation too.

How to prepare in advance for self-isolation

Can I bring supplies for a student on campus?

If you need to bring supplies which they cannot source for themselves, you can visit campus to drop these off. You should remain outdoors and maintain social distancing in accordance with Government advice at all times. See where to park on campus and how to pay by phone.

Please note that during a National Lockdown, the Government have advised not to undertake any unnecessary travel. You also must not travel if you have any symptoms of Covid-19.

See current Government guidelines on travel for during a National Lockdown (January 2021)

What has the university put in place to deal with the loss of social interaction?

We appreciate that self-isolation can feel lonely. Our Student Self-Isolation Support Line is available if students want someone to talk to.

We have pulled together some suggestions for how students can ensure they stay connected to other people. We are continually looking for opportunities to bring students together virtually or through shared activities.

Ways to stay connected during self-isolation

I'm worried that students in self-isolation aren't getting enough fresh air and exercise

We encourage our students to keep their bedroom windows open as much as possible, and to explore ways to get exercise in their bedrooms.

There are lots of exercises which can be done in a small space which will help to keep them healthy over their self-isolation period.

How to stay active during self-isolation

Where are you getting your guidelines from for Self-Isolation?

We are using guidance from the NHS and other government sources. We are in direct contact with Public Health England. We have put many safety measures into place for self-isolation because we want to protect our community on campus.

About self-isolation at Warwick

Why are you moving students to other residences?

We are moving some students temporarily to protect their health and safety, and that of others in their kitchen group or household.

See when we might move a student and why

Why are you notifying students about Covid-19 in their flat with a poster, instead of personal contact?

Whenever someone self-isolates, they are encouraged to personally tell their kitchen group or residence as soon as possible. Our Test and Trace team will get in touch individually with contacts as soon as possible too.

However, depending on timings, our Cleaning staff have occasionally put posters up before those things have happened. We know that this has upset some students and we apologise. We're currently working hard to improve the process.

Find out more about posters in residences

How long does a student have to self-isolate?

We are working in accordance with NHS guidelines which have informed our self-isolation webpages. These webpages provide detailed information on how long students need to self-isolate depending on their circumstances.

See how long self-isolation should last