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Questions about testing on campus

Active cases

Tests and testing

Booking your appointment

Can you travel here safely?

You should not use public transport, taxis or private-hire vehicles to travel to the testing facility on campus.

Once you have been tested by a facility not on campus, or used a home testing kit, you should fill in the Contact Trace Form so that we can trace those on campus you may have come into contact with and ensure you are receiving support.

See your nearest test centre or order a 'test at home' kit from the NHS.

Can you get tested if you are not registered with a UK doctor?

You need to be registered with a UK doctor or General Practitioner (GP) to have a test. Your GP has clinical responsibility for you, so you must provide us with your GP’s details as soon as you can as well as your own NHS number, preferably when you are making an appointment or soon after.

Can family members and children get tested on campus?

The Test and Trace service in Gibbet Hill is only open to partners of staff and students who live on campus, and their children of 11 years and over, who are able to undertake self-swabbing themselves, when accompanied by their parents. Please email testandtrace at warwick dot ac dot uk with a contact phone number so that we can get back to you.

Otherwise you may be able to get tested at our new community testing centres in Westwood and Leamington or a local NHS facility.

Can you get a test if you work in concession operations on campus?

No, you will need to use a local NHS facility. Try our community testing centres in Westwood and Leamington.

Taking your test

How long does the appointment take?

Around 10 minutes.

Why do I have to do the test myself?

The test is the standard test provided by the NHS, and the procedure will be the same as if you were attending most NHS test centres.

How do I self-administer the test?

The service we provide is a supervised self-administered test. That means that there is someone on hand to talk you through the process but that you will administer the test on yourself.

If I have accessibility requirements that make it difficult for me to attend an appointment, or I am not well enough to attend an appointment, what do I do?

Tick the box on the Contact Trace Form and we will get in touch with you to make specific arrangements to suit your needs.

Getting your test results

How will I receive my test result?

  • If your test is positive, you will get a phone call from Warwick’s Test and Trace team. You may also hear from the NHS. The Test and Trace team will explain self-isolation requirements, signpost you to University support services available, and check the details of your close contacts so that we can provide clear instructions for isolation and support available.
  • If your test is inconclusive, our Test and Trace team will contact you. We may invite you to book another test on campus. Alternatively you may be asked to complete a period of self-isolation, depending on the time lapse between your first symptoms and your test result date.
  • If your test is negative, you will receive an email notification.

You may also receive duplicate communication from the NHS regarding your test result.

What should I do when I get my test results?

See our guidance on test results

How many people have tested positive so far?

See how active cases are there at Warwick

What does the University do when there is a confirmed case of Covid-19 test?

The Test and Trace team will…

The department will…..

  • inform students and staff who test positive and confirm self-isolation requirements for them and their households
  • direct students who say they are symptomatic to book an appointment with Test and Trace
  • Inform departments of the identity of the positive test result case only where required in order to be able to confirm all close contacts via teaching and learning activities

For staff:

  • Ensure all staff in the department know to report positive test outcomes in SuccessFactors
  • make arrangements for reallocation of work if required


  • arrange closure and deep cleaning of any affected spaces if necessary
  • contact Timetabling team for them to assist with room changes where required
  • inform staff and students about any changes to teaching rooms


  • confirm scope of tracing activities in the department – contact module convenor/ teaching & learning contacts, head of department and DA
  • contact social/household/clubs/societies to confirm the scope of tracing necessary


  • provide additional information as required about possible close contacts based on departmental knowledge
  • agree alternative teaching arrangements for modules and/or individual students – including which module(s) to move to online delivery for 10 day period
  • inform module leads for the affected teaching and learning activities that that group is in self-isolation and should not be attending face to face teaching
  • use Tabula data and departmentally-provided information to notify identified and confirmed close contacts of self-isolation requirements


  • notify affected students and staff about moving to online teaching
  • review the case and agree locally if any improvements to behaviours or use of space can be implemented

Other testing FAQs

Can the Covid tests provided on campus be used as Test to Release for international travel?

The government has introduced the Test to Release for International Travel scheme for people who need to self-isolate on arrival in England after 15 December.

Under the scheme you can choose to pay for a private Covid-19 test. The earliest you can take the test is 5 full days after you left a destination not on the travel corridor list. If the result is negative, you can stop self-isolating.

Neither of the testing available on campus which is provided on behalf of the NHS (Asymptomatic and Symptomatic) can be used for this purpose.

Find out how the Test to Release scheme works from

I am in the Felden halls of residence waiting for my test result. Do I stay here if I get a positive test result?

Yes, you would stay in Felden for the period of self-isolation. You will be able to end self-isolation when you have a negative test result and 48 hours has passed after any Covid-19 symptoms have subsided.

I have a scheduled study activity (e.g. residential field trip) that requires me to demonstrate that I do not have Covid-19. Can I get a test from the University Test and Trace service to provide evidence that I don’t have Covid-19?

You should only book an appointment to be tested if you are symptomatic, believe that you may have Covid-19, or have been advised to get a test by a medical professional. A test will only provide an outcome relevant to the moment you took the sample and is not a guarantee that you have not since contracted Covid-19. If you wish to take a test to demonstrate that you do not have Covid-19, you will need to arrange this privately.

My airline is asking me to provide evidence of a negative test in order to travel, can I book an appointment with you?

No. This service is only for students and staff who think they may have symptoms of Covid-19. If you require a test for any other purposes, you should contact a private test provider.

I am required to have a 10 day quarantine period when I arrive in UK. Can I get a test from the University Test and Trace service to ascertain that I do not have Covid-19 in order to shorten my quarantine period?

No. The quarantine period is a government regulation and you must complete your 10 day self-isolation period, adhering to the self-isolation guidelines.

Self isolation FAQs

Find out more about self-isolation