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Half term sessions

nOV 2023

Join us during the half term week!

Our half term learning sessions are designed to be fun and exciting as much as they are educational and informative.

Attendees will gain experience in: robotic, drone, coding, cyber security, digital art, creating Soundscapes for Game & Film – all of this while playing fun games throughout!

    • Age
      8 – 16 years
    • Duration
      2+ hrs
    • Dates & Times
      November 2023
      See below for specific dates.

    • Content
      We deliver with an approach that learning can be fun – with gaming sessions built into the day, participants will feel energised to make the best of the skills sessions in a purpose-built gaming environment.

      • Robotics - Embark on an exciting journey into the virtual realm of robotics! In this session, you'll dive into the fascinating world of virtual machines and automation. Explore cutting-edge robotics technology through a user-friendly website that utilizes robot simulators. From understanding digital mechanics to coding virtual robot movements, this session offers a thrilling adventure for all aspiring engineers and tech enthusiasts. Get ready to bring your virtual robot creations to life in an engaging and interactive online workshop!
      • Digital Art - Unleash your creativity in the world of digital art, image, and video editing! In this immersive session, you'll explore the limitless possibilities of visual storytelling. From mastering the tools of digital artists to enhancing your photos and crafting captivating videos, you'll acquire the skills to transform your imagination into stunning visuals. Dive into the world of colours, effects, and composition as you embark on an artistic journey like no other. Join us for an inspiring experience and bring your artistic visions to life in this dynamic workshop.

      • Drone flying - Explore the Skies with Us. In this immersive session, children will get the incredible opportunity to learn all about drones - from how they work to how to pilot them like a pro. But that's not all! After some hands-on flying fun, we'll dive into the world of high-spec PCs, where our young explorers will get to edit the amazing videos they capture during their drone adventures.
      • Create sounds for games& filming - Learn about the world of Foley and how sound is recorded and designed for games and film. Re-create the sound for video game footage.
      • Algorithm and programming - Explore the captivating world of programming and algorithms in this dynamic session! Dive into the art of crafting algorithms and harness the power of coding with a hands-on approach. Uncover the fundamental programming constructs while embarking on a thrilling journey of problem-solving and creativity. Join us for a fun and enlightening experience that will ignite your passion for the digital realm.

      • Free Play – Get time on our professional gaming PC’s and consoles playing a range of age-appropriate games.

    •  What A session Looks Like

      Example of Coding session

      • 10:00 – Arrival and Introductions
      • 10:10 – Learning time
      • 12:00 – End

Please note participants are welcome to do free-play gaming during 12 to 1 pm if you book the two sessions in one day.
Please see pricing options for this below.

    • Additional Information

      • Our summer camps have the appropriate staff to pupil ratio.
      • All staff are DBS checked and undergo regular child protection training.
      • Staff are appointed for their experience and expertise.
      • Doors are coded into buildings to prevent unauthorised access.
      • Either the centre manager or coordinator are always available to be contacted by parents or staff throughout the day at the Esports Centre.
      • Qualified First Aiders are always available on site.
      • Data protection – All information collected will be held securely and will only be used to provide the best possible holiday childcare services for your child, and to ensure that your child is safe within our care.

    • Parents
      • You can stay and join in with us and our DBS certified staff, “Drop ‘n’ play” on our PC’s and Consoles or feel free to “drop-n-go” and visit the university’s other facilities such as Pret A Manger or Café Nero:

    • Price Options | Work around your half term schedule!
      • Take advantage of our multi-buy offer and get a discount when you attend whole day sessions! Alternatively, if you’ve got a busy half term plan ahead, participants can come along to any of the individual sessions separately.
      • See below for our pricing options ↓

     BOOK workshop

    • Price | £18-32 per day
    • Date | Nov 2023
    • Time | 10am-12pm or 1-3pm

    Switch It Up!

    • Try EVERYTHING in the centre for 2 hours -
    • just pop-in during our opening hours!
    • Only £8!

     BOOK FOR YOUR group

    • Group bookings are available for day time experiences for a variety of games.
    • Organise and play in a tournament in your favourite game with friends and family members.
    • Booking is not always mandatory so you can simply rock-up-and-play, but we do encourage you to send us a request to reserve your place if your group is over 5 people.

    Perfect for those who have never played before all the way up to veteran gamers!

    Supported play and learning sessions from our experienced staff team.

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