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hands on esports learning resources materials for in class or at home

Making esports more accessible with easy and entertaining resources!

Esports, or the act of competitive video gaming, is a rapidly growing industry that involves bringing people together to compete through these multiplayer gameplay modes in events and competitions, which are held online and in physical locations around the globe.


      • Generated £111.5m in GVA for the UK economy in 2019
      • 532m esports viewers globally in 2022
      • $623.9m worth of sponsorship investments in 2020
      • 2.3 million people watched the Fornite World Cup in 2019
      • The world's largest esports tournament prize pool is the DOTA2 International, sitting at $30m in 2019

There are an incredibly wide range of games, events and roles behind the scenes that make the esports industry function. Also meaning that there are many different skills and traditional subject areas utilised within esports positions.

To encourage both students and teachers to explore the opportunities brought through the development of the esports industry, the Esports Centre has developed a pack of learning resources and activities for Warwick County Council, aimed at young people in KS3. Each activity is directly linked to the curriculum.

try a new activity today!

Our materials are divided in four, easy access packs that have clear links to the curriculum.

  • For each activity, there will be symbols that shows how they link to different subjects:
  • Things you’ll need

    • Drawing stationery (Pencils, colouring pencils, erasers etc)
    • Printed resource templates
    • Computer suite with internet access
    • Computers should have the following website access or software installed
    • Web access to
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Microsoft Word
    • OBS Studio
    • Openshot Video Editor


These resources were created by Stormbolt Studios, in collaboration with The University of Warwick, Warwick Esports Center and Esports Futures initiative. It has been made possible through funding from Warwickshire County Council.

From documentaries about your team to movies about your tournament, video production is a core part of esports!

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From documentaries about your team to movies about your tournament, video production is a core part of esports!

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