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Robot Diaries

discover your digital career


Brought to you by Sensosis

Robot Diaries is an immersive storytelling VR experience set in a sci-fi Robot Care Centre. Participants get to explore the colourful world of robots inspired by the literature of Polish writer Stanislaw Lem. Within the Care Centre, robots are awaiting help from skilful engineers who would restore them to their former glory.

The learning session delivered by Anna Nierobisz

Ania is a Polish-British artist based in Birmingham who works across a spectrum of media: Theatre, Film, and Virtual Reality. Central to her work is the aim of bringing the authenticity, excitement, and experience of live performances into Virtual Reality environments. For this purpose, she works with the latest motion capture technologies and applies her knowledge of creating immersive theatre and storytelling into the XR media


    • Age:
      11 years old – 15 years old (year 7 to year 10)

    • Duration:
      4 hrs

    • Capacity:
      12 participants

    • Dates & Times:
    • 02 June
      10am – 2pm

    • Price:
      This is a free workshop. Spaces are extremely limited.
      First come, first served - you will be notified by email to confirm your space within 5 working days.

    • Parents:
      You can stay and join in with us and our DBS certified staff, “Drop ‘n’ play” on our PC’s and Consoles or feel free to “drop-n-go” and visit the university’s other facilities such as Pret A Manger or Café Nero:

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    • Full day experience where participants will work together to learn about Mozilla Hubs: accessing VR rooms, interacting with the environment and using avatars.
    • Collaboration with other young participants coming together with our expert staff to be guided along a collaborative learning experience.
    • Opportunities to create and share their work with others.
    • What participants will be doing:
      Exploring a robot world built in Mozilla Hubs accessed through Virtual Reality headsets.
      Repairing robots at the robot care centre each requiring assistance and have their own neurological traits.
      Participants will have to find, interact and manipulate objects within the virtual room in order to help the robot in need.

      Build their own VR room using the program “Spoke” and share with the rest of the group.

    • What participants will take away:
      Improve digital literacy while learning about VR technology.
      Problem solving skills.
      Robots are used as a metaphor to implicitly learn about neurodivergent conditions such as dyslexia, dyscalculia and dyspraxia.
      Freedom to use inventive and creative thinking.
      Further your cooperation and communication skills with other participants.
      Hands on experience of creating within a 3D environment.

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