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Research Events 2019-20


Week 2
Wednesday 9th October, 5.00pm (IAS Seminar Room, Millburn House)
Livia Lupi (History of Art):
Masolino at Castiglione Olona: Architecture, Nature and Identity (work-in-progress seminar)

Week 3

Wednesday 16 October. 1.00pm. F37 Millburn House (History of Art)
Reading Group: Environment (Convenor: Livia Lupi)
Christopher S. Wood. Albrecht Altdorfer and the Origins of Landscape. 2nd ed. Reaktion Books, 2014, pp. 63-78 ('Landscape as Parergon or By-Work')
T.J. Demos. Decolonizing Nature. Contemporary Art and the Politics of Ecology. Sternberg Press, 2016, pp. 101-132 (“The Post-Natural Condition. Art after Nature?”).

Week 4

Wednesday 23 October. 5.00pm. F37 Millburn House (History of Art)
Rosie Dias (History of Art):
Governing from the Country Park: Landscape and the Aesthetics of Colonial Rule in India, 1780-1840 (work-in-progress seminar)

Week 5
Wednesday 30 October. 4.30pm - 6.00pm in A0.28 Millburn House

Millburn Seminar:
Prof Aylish Wood - 'Making waves: taking a software approach to Moana'


Week 7
Wednesday 13 November. 5.00pm. F37 Millburn House (History of Art)
Reading Group: Environment (Convenor: Livia Lupi)
Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing. The Mushroom at the End of the World: on the Possibility of Life in Capitalist Ruins. Princeton University Press, 2015, Part II, section 15: 'Ruin', pp. 205-213.
John Ruskin. The Seven Lamps of Architecture: Chapter VI: The Lamp of Memory

Week 8
Wednesday 20 November. 5.00 pm. F37 Millburn House (History of Art)

Impact event

Week 9
Wednesday 27 November. 5.00pm. F37 Millburn House (History of Art)
Josefine Baark (History of Art):
'I told him that such things were not done in our country’: The First Trade Negotiations by the Danish East India Company (work-in-progress seminar)

Week 10

Wednesday 4 December. 5.00pm. F37 Millburn House (History of Art)
Michael Hatt (History of Art):
Subjunctive Light: Wilhelm Bendz and the Shadows of the Danish Golden Age (work-in-progress seminar)

Week 11
Monday 16 December 10.00-5.00. Warwick-in-London (The Stanley building, 7 Pancras Square, N1C 4AG).
The Modern British City.
It is nearly half a century since the publication of H.J. Dyos and Michael Wolff’s The Victorian City, Images and Realities. This workshop will be both an homage and an updating of this seminal project, taking inspiration from its structure and approach of classic Victorian urban history, but applying these to the history of British cities more recently.