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Funding Opportunities

Below is a list of resources to help you find funding for projects and development opportunities during your PhD;

Living Expenses

  • Funds for Women Graduates, Living cost grants awarded on the basis of the needs of the applicant and her academic calibre. Foundation Grants will only be given for the final year of a PhD or DPhil. The closing date for applications is the 1st May and the grants are awarded in July for the following academic year.

Organising an event, conference or project

Travel costs

  • Humanities Research Fund. The HRF will make a maximum contribution of £500 towards conference travel applications from staff or MA by Research/Doctoral students who will be giving a paper. Applicants must provide clear information regarding the conference, the benefits of attending and the paper itself (ideally including an abstract).
  • The HRC Transatlantic Fellowship. The Humanities Research Centre invites applications for the Warwick Transatlantic Fellowships. These Fellowships are intended to deepen and broaden the research links between Warwick and universities in North America. The Fellowships are intended to be short-term, e.g. 2 weeks, though fellows can of course stay longer if they wish. Applications are now open but only until 21st October 2016, so please act quickly.
  • THEODORA BOSANQUET BURSARY ​This Bursary is offered annually to women graduates whose research in History or English Literature requires a short residence in London in the summer. It provides accommodation in a hall of residence for up to 4 weeks between end of June and mid September. The closing date for applications is 31st October of the preceding year.
  • Sir Peter Holmes Memorial Award. The Award is to encourage individual purposeful travel in Asia. Applicants should submit a plan of a project involving travel in a country or countries of Asia and relating to the geography, history, politics, environmental conservation, culture or art of the area to be visited. Any part of Asia, including the Middle East, may be chosen. Preference will be given to projects that are not requirements in an academic or other course and ideally should not be part of or related to the curriculum of the applicant’s current course. Uptp £1000. Applications assessed in November.


  • AHRC International Placement Scheme. The annual International Placement Scheme (IPS) provides funded research fellowships at world-leading international research institutions for early career researchers, doctoral-level research assistants and AHRC/ESRC*-funded doctoral students. A fellowship of two to six months. A travel contribution of up to £800, visa costs paid, plus a £1200 monthly stipend (in addition to the normal stipend paid as part of any existing AHRC/ESRC award).

Publication Costs

  • Humanities Research Fund. The HRF will consider applications from MA by Research/ Doctoral students. The HRF will make a maximum contribution of £500 towards publication costs (translation costs, copyright fees, illustrations and in some circumstances, subventions, but not indexing costs) from staff who are unable to secure funding for this purpose from other internal or external funding sources.

For further guidance on funding for current PhD students see;