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Peer Development Exchange Winners 2018

This year's Peer Development Exchange deadline has passed and our winners are announced below. Join them to gain from their experience and broaden your skills.

Finding your way out of the archival maze.

16th May 2018, 13.00-15.00. H044

*RESCHEDULED TO 13th June 2018, 13.00 - 15.00. H3.44*

Are you using archives for your research? Archives can often open more questions than provide answers.

Blanka Matkovic will guide you through the archival maze looking at how to face the different challenges and obstacles of archival research. This workshop is suitable for those searching government records, church records, museum collections, private papers and others.

By the end of the workshop you will have looked at:

• Identifying the relevant collections and what to do when it appears you have explored all avenues

• Researching controversial topics

• Classified and declassified government files – how to fill in the gaps

• How to trace ‘missing’ documents

• The value of photographs, newspapers, tombstones and other sources

• Corroboration of source material through a process of ‘triangulation’

To book, please go to SkillsForge or drop me an email at cadre at warwick dot ac dot uk.

The Curious Case of the English Language

7th June 2018, 13.00 - 15.00. H0.03

Ever wondered why the English language is so weird or what rules you can break? Or, if apes can speak, then what makes us human? Or, how can you write with both style and individuality?

Sophie Shorland will take you through a fascinating journey that will explore some of the weird and wonderful ways in which English from the past diverges from our present uses. This is an interesting and useful workshop, both for those who are not native English speakers, and those that are. This is for anyone with a curiosity about the English language who wants to better understand it and therefore better craft it.

To book, please go to SkillsForge, or drop me an email at cadre at warwick dot ac dot uk.

Collaborative Translation: Languages and Cultures in the Classroom

14th June 2018, 10.00 - 12.00. H0.44

How many languages are spoken in our classrooms?

How can we make the most of such linguistic and cultural diversity when we teach?

Join Gioia Panzarella in this hands-on workshop: we will share materials, discuss strategies, and design teaching activities that we can employ in our own teaching practice. We will look at tools that will benefit the learners’ awareness of their linguistic skills, with a focus on inclusivity and intercultural competence.

This workshop is based on the research that Gioia Panzarella conducted for the ‘Collaborative Translation: a Model for Inclusion’ project, which she co-lead together with postgraduate researchers at Warwick and Monash (Australia).

To book please go to SkillsForge, or drop me an email at cadre at warwick dot ac dot uk.

More to be this space!