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New Directions in Cultural and Media Research

A one-day symposium contribution to the CADRE Research Festival

May 23rd,

OC0.01 The Oculus

The last few decades have seen the rapid growth in the cultural and creative industries at
domestic, regional and global level. This growth has been accompanied by an equivalent
expansion of research into the histories, practices and products of these industries alongside
critical assessment of their development, sustainability and significance for contemporary social

The aim of this symposium is to create a productive communal space for scholars working on
these topics to celebrate, as well as to reflect upon this changing climate, the ongoing debates,
and the new research directions of cultural, performance and media studies. As part of the
CADRE research festival , we have gathered together presentations from PhD
researchers at Warwick, across the Faculty of Arts and beyond, whose work draws on and
develops these approaches. Speakers will present the different theoretical and
methodological perspectives that inform their work to facilitate dialogue and synergies across
the arts, cultural and media fields.

Lunch and refreshments are provided. Please sign up here.


11.00 Welcome & Coffee

11.30 Session 1: 'Cultural values' in theory and practice

Asep Muizudin Muhamad Darmini (CMPS) 'Size does (not) matter: A note from the Indonesian Islamic Boarding School (Pondok Pesantran) [abstract]

Han Wen (CIM) 'Brand Research: The Interdisciplinary Complexity after the Cultural Turn' [abstract]

Alessandra Grossi (TPS) 'The Representation of Womanhood in Victorian Classical Burlesque: A combination of approaches' [abstract]

1.00 Lunch

2.00 Session 2: Notes from the Media Policy Lab

Tijana Blagojev (PAIS) 'Government Funding of Local Media: Project-based Financing in Serbia - Supporting Local Public Information of Fulfilling Political Interests?' [abstract]

Juliana Holanda (CMPS) 'From Rio 92 to Rio +20: Brazilian Media Coverage of Sustainable Development' [abstract]

3:00 Closing Plenary Discussion on the challenges and opportunities for media and cultural research (featuring contributions from Joanne Garde-Hansen, Pietari Kääpä and Chris Bilton from the Centre for Cultural and Media Policy Studies.)