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Abstract - Juliana Holanda (CMPS)

From Rio 92 to Rio +20: Brazilian Media Coverage of Sustainable Development.

My research aims to investigate how Brazilian media has covered key aspects of sustainable development, especially as relates to the ways journalistic coverage has framed sustainability initiatives. This is an important topic of study at present as environmental concerns are increasingly prominent worldwide, as their effects relate to climate change, global warming and the increasing emission of greenhouse gases. Brazil hosted the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (Rio 92) and the 2012 United Nations Conference on the Environment (Rio +20). These events amplified the debate on environmental issues and sustainable development in Brazil. Thus, they have been chosen as the timeframe to analyse how Brazilian news coverage has evolved during those 20 years.

The methodological approach of my study focuses on Critical Discourse Analysis of data sourced from four main national circulation newspapers in Brazil: O Globo (Rio de Janeiro), Correio Braziliense (Brasília), Folha de S. Paulo and O Estado de S. Paulo (São Paulo). In total, the research spectrum includes 535 days of investigation, which implies on the examination of 2,140 newspaper editions. By analysing this material, I intend to investigate what topics and discussions generate media coverage on sustainable development in the Brazilian national circulation newspapers; I also aim to identify how the concept of sustainable development evolved in Brazil during this timeframe; and I plan to identify the characteristics of the environmental coverage in the Brazilian print media.

Juliana Holanda

PhD Candidate in Media and Communication

Centre for Cultural, Media and Policy Studies