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Academic French

Session 1: 11th June, 10am - 12pm, H0.44

Session 2: 19th June, 12pm - 2pm, H0.44

Session 3: 25th June, 10am-12pm, H0.44

This course is designed for PGR and masters level students who require as part of their current or future course to be able to comprehend French academic scholarship. The aim of the course is to bring students with either limited or no French language skills to a level where they are able capable of using academic scholarship written in French. Emphasis is placed on methods to quickly identify the basic meaning of a sentence through a reasonable knowledge of grammar, tenses, and vocabulary related to the humanities. Those completing the course are not expected to be able to read or speak fluently in French, but should be able to make an approximate translation to identify the scholar’s arguments. The course is made-up of three two-hour sessions over three weeks. Participants would benefit most from going to all three sessions, but those with busy schedules should feel free to drop in to one or two of the sessions. While not as expansive as a longer language course, this course is shorter and is without cost, and is tailored to suit those of an academic discipline, providing more specialised knowledge than a general language program.

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