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PGR relocation during the covid-19 outbreak

We hope you are keeping well. You will probably have seen on the Doctoral College website, and also through the CADRE one, the policy and guidance produced for research students who plan to remain at a location other than their registered place of study for an unspecified time during the Covid-19 outbreak. There is a requirement that students formally record with their department their change of study location. Many of you will already have done this informally or formally, but please check the information below to ensure that your department is aware of your location and able to maintain contact.


As a Faculty, we ask that students who have left their normal study location for an extended period follow a straightforward procedure to record their absence. Your supervisors or department may ask for further action or information from you, but as a minimum standard procedure, you should create a record in Tabula, as many of you routinely do for supervision records, stating:

1) the date you will leave or left your normal study location;

2) the location where you plan to stay, including a contact address;

3) that you commit to maintaining substantive contact with your supervisor/s at least monthly, as already required for monitoring purposes.

As noted in the Doctoral College guidance, students resident in the UK under Tier 4 visas should also confirm that they are attending to visa requirements.


The procedure outlined above relates to your registration as a PhD student at Warwick. If your research is funded or part-funded by an external body, they may have been in touch with you directly with advice or requirements, which you should also follow.


We hope you and those around you are staying well and positive in these difficult times. Please do keep in contact with each other, with your research and social contacts at Warwick and elsewhere, with your supervisors and departments, and with us. We will be in touch soon with some suggestions for engaging virtually as postgraduate researchers in the Arts Faculty next term. In the meantime, if any of you has questions or concerns about working remotely, or ideas for motivating and celebrating the PhD research community whilst most of you are away from campus, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

All best,

Jenny and Sharron

Wed 08 Apr 2020, 09:23 | Tags: Funding, PGR, CADRE, PhD