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Wolfson Foundation Scholarship Terms & Conditions Acceptance

Wolfson Postgraduate Scholarships in the Humanities

Terms and Conditions

Please read these Terms and Conditions thoroughly

  • 1. University Regulations, Provision of Award and Enrolment

Recipients of the Wolfson Postgraduate Scholarship must abide at all times with the University rules and regulations, as set out in the University Calendar, available online at

The Wolfson Postgraduate Scholarship, which is not retrospective, is awarded for up to 3 years of full-time doctoral study and includes the payment of academic fees and a maintenance stipend to the award-holder. Wolfson scholars are expected to complete their doctoral study in 3 years.

The value of each award is £29,500 per annum on a full time basis. Annual instalments of the award are not inflation linked and so will remain static for the period of the award. The award covers full fees and maintenance as set out below.

Payment of academic fees for the Wolfson Postgraduate Scholarship is normally set at the UKRI Home/EU fee rate (£4,407 for 2020/21) and payment of the maintenance grant is set at £25,093p.a. for 2020/21. The maintenance award is intended to include an allowance for scholars to manage any research and training costs at their own discretion, as well as costs associated with attending events for the programme organised by the Wolfson Foundation. Note that the UKRI Home/EU fee rate usually increases slightly each year, so your maintenance grant will be reduced accordingly.

The offer of the award of the Wolfson Postgraduate Scholarship is made on the understanding that applicants are currently enrolled or will be enrolled with the University from 30 September 2020 or from an alternative enrolment date specified in writing by the Doctoral College and will then subsequently re-enrol annually. If an applicant has been made a conditional offer for doctoral study and has conditions still outstanding at the time of enrolment, then enrolment will be provisional until the conditions needed for full enrolment have been met. Provisional enrolment will enable the student to receive the awarded Wolfson Postgraduate Scholarship. However, if the conditions of admission are not satisfied within the first term of study the student will be liable to repay the amount awarded in full, on demand and without deduction. Acceptance of the terms and conditions of this award shall be taken as acceptance of the student’s liability to repay in such circumstances.

  • 2. Additional or Alternative Sources of External Funding

Students in receipt of a Wolfson Postgraduate Scholarship may not hold other awards covering tuition fees. Wolfson funds must represent at least 50% of a student’s funding package to hold the named award. Additional funder names may not be attached to the Wolfson Postgraduate Scholarship.

It is a requirement of the Wolfson Postgraduate Scholarship scheme that the student must not be in receipt of any other scholarship, studentship or alternative source of funding for doctoral studies at Warwick or elsewhere which has not been disclosed to the University. Any student in receipt of a University scholarship remains responsible for immediately notifying the Doctoral College of any changes to their funding arrangements throughout their period of study. Failure to disclose such information will be considered as a major offence as defined in the disciplinary regulations laid out in University Regulation 23.

Students in receipt of a Wolfson Postgraduate Scholarship are allowed to undertake some teaching/research assistance work. Other paid work is not encouraged.

  • 3. Fees and Payment

Accommodation fees are not automatically covered by the Wolfson Postgraduate Scholarship. The stipend is intended to be a contribution towards living expenses.

Stipend payments will be made on a monthly basis. The first stipend payment will be made on the first day of the month in which the student is due to start their course or three to four days following enrolment, whichever is later. Payments will only commence once Student Finance have received the student’s UK bank details.

Stipend payments will only be made from the University to a student’s UK bank account. Overseas students will be expected to open an account upon arrival in the UK and provide their bank details to Student Finance so that payments can be made.


Should you submit your thesis early the Scholarship will provide for any academic fees that are still outstanding, but the payment of your maintenance award will cease.


  • 4. Changes to Modes of Attendance

Wolfson Postgraduate Scholarship award-holders are normally expected to be registered full-time. Requests to study part-time will be considered on the grounds set out in University Regulation 38.3.2 and are subject to approval by the Chair of the Board of Graduate Studies, as well as the Foundation.

Requests for temporary withdrawal will only be considered on the grounds set out in University Regulation 36. Requests for temporary withdrawal should be made in accordance with normal procedure and the payment of the award is normally suspended during the award-holder’s period of temporary withdrawal.

Should an award-holder wish to withdraw permanently, they must notify their department immediately in writing. Any maintenance and fee awards payable under the Wolfson Postgraduate Scholarship will be terminated at the date of withdrawal. Any payments made to an award-holder to cover a period of study after the date of permanent withdrawal will need to be repaid.


Should an award-holder become pregnant and have a due date which falls during the scholarship period, they may take a period of six months leave from study during which the maintenance element of funding will continue. Following this, a further period of six months may be taken, during which no funds (either for maintenance, research training or fees) will be paid. The award-holder’s end date will be amended accordingly.

Wolfson Postgraduate Scholarship award-holders are normally expected to be based at the University throughout their course of study. Any requests to spend part of the period of study away from the University must conform with the conditions set out in the ‘Guidelines on the Supervision of Research Students based away from the University’.

  • 5. Student Obligations

Payment of the Wolfson Postgraduate Scholarship is subject to the annual completion by the award-holder of a Postgraduate Research Annual Report Form for each year of the award.


Payment of the Wolfson Postgraduate Scholarship is subject to the completion by the award-holder of an Annual Report Form for each year of the award to be submitted to the Wolfson Foundation Board including a brief update on progress and detail of any research and training costs spent. In addition, at the end of their studies scholars are required to submit a detailed final report including a summary of results of their research.

As part of the Terms and Conditions of the award Wolfson scholars consent to their name and email address being shared with the Wolfson Foundation.

Scholars are expected to participate periodically in a range of postgraduate recruitment activities, which may, for example, include postgraduate open days; induction events; widening participation events and receptions held with potential sponsors or alumni.

As part of the Terms and Conditions of the award Wolfson Scholars are expected to participate in networking events organised by the Wolfson Foundation during the period of the award.

Any output during the period of award, including final dissertation or thesis, must acknowledge the Wolfson Foundation's support. If any aspect of the work is published at a later date, whether in print or electronic media, the Wolfson Foundation's support must be acknowledged. The Foundation should be notified in advance of any public acknowledgement of the Foundation’s support.

These Terms and Conditions are issued by the Chair of the Warwick Doctoral College on behalf of the University of Warwick

Privacy notice

This form is used to collect information about whether you wish to accept the terms and conditions of the scholarship offered. The information will be stored for the duration of your registration with the university and will be shared internally and with the Wolfson Foundation.

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