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Academic Staff

  • Professor Susan Carruthers
    US and international history, with expertise in the media and war, cold war culture, and colonial counterinsurgency, spanning the twentieth and twenty-first centuries
  • Dr Camillia Cowling
    Slavery and abolition in the Americas and Atlantic World, and specifically Brazil and Cuba
  • Dr Rosie Doyle
    Latin American history; the history of human rights in Mexico
  • Professor Rebecca Earle
    Colonial and 19th century Spanish American history, and the global history of food
  • Dr Roger Fagge
    Modern US social and cultural history
  • Professor David Lambert
    Caribbean and Atlantic histories; British imperialism, exploration and cartography in the 'long' 19th century; counterfactual histories; histories of Whiteness; historical geography
  • Professor Tim Lockley
    Colonial and antebellum North America, especially slavery and the South
  • Dr Lydia Plath
    19th and 20th century US South, slavery, racial violence, and their representation in American film
    Centres and Networks: Comparative American Studies; History of Violence Network

  • Professor Benjamin Smith
    Modern Mexican history, particularly post-revolutionary state formation; religion and popular conservatism
  • Professor J.E. Smyth 
    19th and 20th-century US history; American cinema