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Associate Fellow, Professor Mike Geddes

Mike Geddes


My academic background is in history and geography (BA Southampton) and urban and regional studies (PhD Sussex). From 1989 to 2008 I was Senior Research Fellow, Reader and Professorial Fellow in the Local Government Centre, Warwick Business School. My research spanned a range of issues in local politics and public policy, with particular interests in theories of the state and cross-national comparative analysis of patterns of local governance under neoliberalism.

Current Research

My interest in cross-national comparative analysis led to my current research focus on aspects of contemporary politics and policy in Latin America, especially those countries with more progressive political regimes. Specific research topics include radical initiatives in local politics and governance; political and policy programmes which claim to challenge the hegemony of neoliberalism; and projects to ‘refound’ the neo-colonialist and neoliberal state. I am particularly interested in contemporary politics and policy in Bolivia.



Selected Publications

  • Geddes M N (Forthcoming 2015) What happens when community organising moves into government? Recent experience in Latin America, in Shaw M and Mayo M (Eds) Class, Inequality and Community Development, Bristol: Policy Press.

  • Geddes M N (2014) The old is dying but the new is struggling to be born: Hegemonic contestation in Bolivia. Critical Policy Studies.8, 2, 165-182.

  • Geddes M N (2014) Neoliberalism and local governance: radical developments in Latin America. Urban Studies. Online 7 January, DOI: 10.1177/0042098013516811.

  • Geddes M N and Sullivan H (2011) Localities, leadership and neoliberalisation: Conflicting discourses , competing practices. Critical Policy Studies, Vol 5 No 4, 391-493.

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  • Geddes M N (2010) Building and contesting neoliberalism at the local level: Reflections on the symposium and on recent experience on Bolivia. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 34, 1, 163-173.

  • Geddes M N (2008) Marxist theories of urban politics, in Davies J and Imbroscio D (Eds) Theories of urban politics. London: Sage.

  • Fuller C and Geddes M N (2008) Local governance under neoliberalism: Local state restructuring and scalar transformation Antipode 40, 2, 252-282.