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Associate Fellow, Dr Rosvita Rauch

Rosvita Rauch   

Current Activities

Besides undertaking independent research in situ, I provide academic support to Warwick University students during their Year-abroad in Argentina.

My academic work continues alongside an extensive career as an editor and translator, my most recent project being the upcoming Cambridge Companion to Mario Vargas Llosa by Professors Efraín Kristal and John King to be published this year by Cambridge University Press. My small niche company, TEXTWinder, offers editorial expertise, from research to writing to final publication, to clients as diverse as leading Latin American political figures, UK university publishers, and independent academics. Recurring teaching appointments have enabled me to maintain a commitment to academic research and I am pursuing publication of my thesis on Cuba’s revista de avance (1927-1930) as well as other articles on “little magazines” published throughout North and South America in the early 20th century.


Academic Profile

  • 2009-present: Providing academic and pastoral support for University of Warwick third year CAS students undertaking their year abroad in Argentina.
  • 2005-present: Independent academic and researcher. Besides continuing research, I teach courses, develop syllabi, edit academic texts, and conduct archival research and interviews. Recent work includes:
    • University of Brunel, International Pathways Centre: Pre-sessional English teaching for foreign post-graduate students
    • Universidad de Especialidades Espíritu Santo, Guayaquil, Ecuador: Professor of English: established new course and syllabi materials for North American Literature; Composition I & II
    • Florida International University, English Department: Adjunct Professor, teaching writing, research skills, rhetoric, critical analysis
  • 2003-2004: Tutor for the departments of English and Comparative American Studies at the University of Warwick, for the modules Latin American Poetry and Latin American Short Fiction (both in Spanish).
  • 2003: PhD in English and Comparative Literature, University of Warwick.
  • 1996: Postgraduate Certificate in Education, English and Drama, Homerton College, Cambridge University.
  • 1987-present: Founder of TEXTWinder.
  • 1985: Bachelor of Arts, English (Major) and History (Minor), Florida International University, Miami.


Publications in Progress

  • Book: PhD Thesis: revista de avance (1927-1930): Towards a Cuban Vanguardism.
  • Article: In the 1920s a widely-flung network of personal relationships and cultural publications extending from California to Cadiz from London to Lima was exploited and developed by Latin American intellectuals on the cultural periphery. Based on nearly-completed recuperative archival research, this article aims to unearth the many rich links fostered among 1920s intellectuals through little magazines.
  • Article: Significant aporia are characteristic of little magazines in Latin America struggling against censorship and political oppression. For five months after the military takeover in 1976, the Argentine magazine, Crisis, continued to publish, albeit with a implicit policy of political non-engagement. This article is aimed at recuperating the broader cultural and political context of those perilous early months of dictatorship.