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Emeritus Professor Guy Thomson

Please note that Professor Thomson has now retired from the Warwick History Department and the School of Comparative American Studies.


Guy Thomson

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Academic Profile

Guy Thomson, B.Sc.(econ), D.Phil.

Professor of Latin American History at Warwick University 1974-2012


I specialise in nineteenth-century Mexican and Spanish regional history. Doctoral research focussed on economic and social change in Puebla de los Angeles (Mexico) over the late colonial and early republican periods. Research then shifted to Puebla's northern Sierra region focussing on the rise of Liberal leaders through their control of indigenous communities and mastery of the National Guard during the civil and patriotic wars of the 1850s to 70s. In the mid 1990s research assumed a broader Atlantic focus with a project exploring the reception of democratic and republican ideas in the borderlands of Granada, Córdoba and Málaga during the mid 19th century. I continue to work on 19th Century Spain, Mexico and the Mediterranean World with a particular emphasis on popular and middle class culture, religion and politics.

Most Recent Publications
  • 'Arrieta's Poblanas', ARARA (Arara - Art and Architecture of the Americas) , No.10, 2011,
  • 'La biografía como un solución del desencuentro entre la historia regional y la historia nacional: el México y la España decimonónicos', Rubrica Contemporanea, 1, no.1, 21-38, 2012,
  • 'Popular legacies of the 1812 Cadiz Constitution in Mid- to Late Nineteenth-Century Mexico and Spain', in1812 Echoes: The Cadiz Constitution in Hispanic History, Culture and Politics, eds Stephen Roberts and Adam Sharman (Cambridge Scholars, 2014), 282-97.
  • 'La "República de los Campesinos". Sociabilidad, Conspiración y Revolución en la Andalucía Oriental, 1851-1866', in Sociabilidades en la Historia (Catarata, Madrid, 2015), 15-34.
  • '"Democracia": Popular Liberalism in Sicily, Mexico, Spain and Colombia, 1848-1894', in Nationalism and Transnationalism in Spain and Latin America, 1808-1923, eds Paul Garner and Angel Smith (University of Wales Press, 2017), 93-116.
  • 'Prejuicios, pragmatismo y patriotismo: Ignacio Zaragoza en Puebla en 1862', in Historia, mitos y representaciones del 5 de Mayo, ed. Javier Pérez Siller and Agustín Grajales Porras (Mexico, 2016)
  • '"Democracia" The Cult of Heroic Self-Sacrifice and Popular Mobilization in Southern Spain, 1849-1869'. Bulletin of Spanish Studies, April 2017.
  • 'Benito Juarez and Liberalism.' In the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Latin American History, (New York, Oxford University Press, 2018)
Undergraduate Modules Taught
Postgraduate Taught Modules Taught
Recently supervised PhD and MA dissertations:
  • "Mexico and the Oil-Debt Boom: the Borrowers and the Lenders"
  • "Gabriel Barrios and the Puebla Sierra, 1910-1946"
  • "Land and Society in the Valley of Tulancingo (Mexico) during the Eighteenth century"
  • "The Mexico City Earthquake of 1985 and New Social Movements"
  • "Space, Planning and Mexicano Identity in Los Angeles, 1900-1950"
  • "San Juan Lalana: the Sierra Chinanteca and the Mexican State, 1870-2000"
  • "Schooling and Ethnicity in the Puebla Sierra, 1870-1940"
  • "Viceroy Iturrigaray and political crisis in Mexico, September 1808"
  • "Vice-royalties in the 18th C Hispanic World"
Selected Publications
  • Puebla de los Angeles. Industry and Society in a Mexican City, 1700-1850. (Westview Press, 1989) (Spanish edition: Puebla de los Angeles. Industria y Sociedad de una Ciudad Mexicana, 1700-1850 (Universidad Autónoma de Puebla: 2002))

  • Politics, Patriotism and Popular Liberalism in Mexico Juan Francisco Lucas and the Puebla Sierra 1854-1917. (SR Books, 1999) (Spanish edition: El liberalismo popular mexicano en el siglo XIX. Juan Francisco Lucas y la Sierra de Puebla (Universidad Autónoma de Puebla & Educación y Cultura, Puebla, 2010))

  • The Birth of Modern Politics in Spain. Democracy, Association and Revolution, 1854-75. (Palgrave Macmillan, 2009) (Spanish edition: El nacimiento de la política moderna en España. Democracia, asociación y revolución, 1854-75 (Comares, Granada, 2015))

  • La Sierra de Puebla en la Política Mexicana del Siglo XIX (Universidad Autónoma de Puebla & Educación y Cultura, 2010)
Edited Collections:
  • The European Revolutions of 1848 in the Americas (Institute of Latin American Studies, London, 2001)
  • Visiones del liberalismo. Política, identidad y cultura en la España del siglo XIX (University of Valencia, October 2008)
Articles and Chapters:
  • 'La Colonización en el Departamento de Acayucán, Veracruz, 1824-34,' Historia Mexicana 24, (1974): 253-98.
  • 'Mexico and Philadelphia: American Cities and the Enlightenment', History Today 34, (1984): 29-35.
  • 'The Cotton Textile Industry in Puebla during the Eighteenth and early Nineteenth Centuries,' in The Economies of Mexico and Peru during the Late Colonial Period, 1760-1810 ed. Nils Jacobsen and Hans Jurgen Puhle, (Berlin, 1986), 169-202.
  • 'Traditional and Modern Manufacturing in Mexico, 1821-1850,' in La formación de las economías latinoamericanas v los intereses ecónomicos europeos en la época de Simon Bolívar 1800-1850 ed.Reinhard Liehr, (Berlin, 1988), 55-87.
  • "Continuity and Change in Mexican Manufacturing, 1800-1870," in Jean Batou, ed,, Between Development and Underdevelopment The Precocious Attempts at Industrialization of the Periphery, 1800-1870 (Droz, Geneva, 1991), 255-302.
  • 'Juan Francisco Lucas. Patriarch of the Sierra Norte de Puebla,' in The Human Tradition in Latin America ed. William H Beezley and Judith Ewell (SR Books, 1988),1-13.
  • 'Bulwarks of Patriotic Liberalism: the National Guard, Philharmonic Corps and Patriotic Juntas in Mexico, 1847-1888,' Journal of Latin American Studies 22, 1990:31-68.
  • 'Agrarian Conflict in the Municipality of Cuetzalan (Sierra de Puebla): The Rise and Fall of "Pala" Agustin Dieguillo, 1861-1894,' Hispanic American Historical Review 71, 1991:205-58.
  • 'Popular Aspects of Liberalism in Mexico, 1848-1888,' Bulletin of Latin American Research 10, 1991, 121-52.
  • 'Tres Municipios Serranos entre 1855 y 1889,' in El Liberalismo en México ed.Antonio Annino and Raymund Buve (Hamburg, 1993), 121-41.
  • 'Los indios y el servicio militar en el México decimonónico. ¿ Leva o ciudadanía ?,' in Indio, Nación y Comunidad en el México del Siglo XIX ed. Antonio Escobar Ohmstede (Mexico, 1993), 207-52.
  • 'The Ceremonial and Political Role of Village Bands, 1846-1974,' in Rituals of Rule, Rituals of Resistance Public Celebrations and Popular Culture in Mexico ed.William H Beezley, (SR Books, Wilmington, 1994), 564-625.
  • 'Francisco Agustín Dieguillo: un liberal cuetzalteco decimonónico (1861-1894),' in Paisajes rebeldes Una larga noche de rebelión indígena ed.Jane-Dale Lloyd and laura Pérez Rosales,(Mexico, 1995), 77-148.
  • 'Federalism and Cantonalism in Spain and Mexico, 1824-1892: Sovereignty and Territoriality,' in Wars, Parties and Nationalism Essays on the Politics and Society of Nineteenth-Century Latin America, ed. Eduardo Posada Carbó, (London, 1995), 27-54.
  • ' "La Republique au Village" in Spain and Mexico, 1848-1888', in Nation Building in Nineteenth Century Latin America Dilemmas and Conflicts, ed. Hans-Joachim König and Marianne Wiesebron, (Leiden, School of Asian, African and Amerindian Studies,1998), l37-62.
  • 'La Contrarreforma en Puebla, 1854-1886', El Conservadurismo Mexicano en el Siglo XIX (1810-1910) eds. William Fowler and Humberto Morales Moreno, Mexico, 1999, 239-64
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  • 'Garibaldi and the Legacy of the 1848 Revolutions in Southern Spain', European History Quarterly 31, 2001, 353-97.
  • ‘Memoria y memorias de la intervención europea en la Sierra de Puebla, 1868-1991’, Pueblos, comunidades y municipios frente a los proyectos modernizadores en América Latina, siglo XIX eds. Antonio Escobar Ohmstede, Romana Falcón & Raymond Buve, (CEDLA, Amsterdam, 2002), 145-168
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  • 'La revolución de Loja en julio de 1861: la conspiración de los carbonarios y la democracia en la España moderna', in Visiones del Liberalismo Política, identidad y cultura en la España del siglo XIX eds., Guy Thomson and Alda Blanco (University of Valencia, 2008), 159-93.
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