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Formative Essays

All students (except visiting international students) taking second and final year options should complete three pieces of formative assessment over the course of the academic year. All first year assessment is summative. The types of assessment are set by the module directors and may include essays, reviews, practice gobbet questions, document analyses or mock examination questions. The deadlines for the formative pieces of assessment are set by the individual module directors. Requests for extensions on formative work should be made to the module director. Feedback on formative work will be received within twenty working days of submission (unless submitted late). Individual tutorials will be provided to support written feedback.

Summative Essays

All first year work is summative. First year CAS modules AM101 and AM102 are assessed on the average marks of the three short essays, and a 2 hour exam. AM103 is assessed on the best two short essays and the long essay. The assessement for the fourth module taken in Year 1 may vary; please consult the module's web-pages/module director. All second year options require students to submit a 4,500 word assessed essay as part of the summative assessment of the module. Students who are not submitting a dissertation attached to final year module are required to submit a 4,500 word assessed essay for those modules. Support will be given by module tutors to research and write these longer pieces of assessment. No material presented in ANY summative essay may be re-used, either in an examination answer or in a summative essay for another module or in a summative essay/dissertation in a module taken in a subsequent year. Deadlines for all summative assessment may be found here.


When undergraduate research involves an element of oral history, use of questionnaires, or other research involving live participants, the supervisor must ensure that the student completes an ethical review form before conducting the research. In cases involving the NHS or acute ethical issues, the supervisor and Director of CAS will consult with the Arts and Social Sciences Research Ethics Committee and may need to seek approval from this Committee or from the NHS. In all other cases (the overwhelming majority), we accept that the normal process of supervision is sufficient to serve the purposes of ethical review. In these cases, there is no need for completion of any form.

In the very small minority of cases where a form does need to be completed, it must be signed by the student, the supervisor (who will assist in completion of the form), and the Director of CAS. The forms will be held in a special file in the Department. In line with the University’s requirements, a copy of the essay will also be held securely for ten years. Under extreme circumstances it would need to be considered by the Arts and Social Sciences Research Ethics Committee.