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Every undergraduate student will complete 120 credits worth of study in each academic year. The majority of undergraduate modules are 30 credits each, and so a student will typically study four modules per year. There are a small minority of undergraduate modules that are weighted at 15 credits, and so there may be some students that study three 30 credit modules and two 15 credit modules in a particular year, or even two 30 credit modules and four 15 credit modules.

Most UK universities refer to credits as CATS (Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme), and so a 30 credit module will often be referred to as a 30 CATS module. Most continental European universities operate a similar system, but with a different weighting, know as ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) instead of CATS. One ECTS is equal to two CATS, and so a 30 CATS module is a 15 ECTS module.

Module Registration

First-year CAS students nominate their preferences for their fourth option module in the first two days of the Autumn term. CAS students approaching their second and fourth years nominate their preferences for their option modules during the first half of the summer term. In both cases this is done using the departmental module nomination forms. Once students have nominated their preferences, the Department then determines which option modules each student will study and publishes the results of this module allocation.

Students are required to register the modules they have been allocated, and a method of assessment for each of the modules, on the University eVision Module Registration (eMR) system by the Friday afternoon of the fourth week of the Autumn term. Students should sign in via Start.Warwick and locate the 'My Warwick Admin Systems' gadget before selecting the 'Module Registration Manager (MRM)' link. It is very important that students select the appropriate method, as the exam registrations are produced from the information provided. Please note that the eMR system is managed by the University Exams Office, and that all queries and issues regarding its use should be emailed to

Methods of Assessment

Each module may be assessed in a different way. Students are advised to be aware of the methods of assessment for the option modules they are considering studying in case they have assessment preferences that are not offered for some of the option modules. Listed below are the usual methods of assessment for History and CAS modules:

Method A: 100% essays

Method B: 100% exams

Method C: 50% essays + 50% exams

Method D: other