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North America: Themes and Problems (AM102)


Image sourced from Images of American Political History 

When the first British settlers arrived in North America at the turn of the seventeenth century, they could not have imagined that they had taken the first step towards founding a country that would become one of the most powerful nations in the modern world. Through Revolution, Civil War, World War, and Cold War, the United States has forged a path of prosperity and unparalleled global influence. Undercutting this narrative of progress, however, is a more complicated story of racial oppression, economic inequality, and political turmoil. This 30 CATS first-year module charts the ebbs and flows of American history and uses case studies to examine key themes and problems, such as race, class, gender, society, culture, and politics. At its heart, however, are those Americans who have continually strived to fulfil the promise of American freedom.