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Module Timetable

Term Week Lecture Seminars
Autumn 1 Introductory Lecture

2 The Twenties  Rhetoric vs Reality
3 The Great Depression  The Great Depression
4 The New Deal  The New Deal
5 Jim Crow in America, 1919-1954  Discrimination in America
6 ~ Reading Week: No Lecture or Seminar ~

“A ship that will not and cannot be sunk”: The US in WWII

 America at War

US Foreign Policy, 1945-1960 

American Foreign Policy

9 'The American Century' 

The 'Long' Fifties 


McCarthyism: Communism and Anti-Communism


Spring 1 Kennedy: The Cold War and the Fight for Hearts and Minds,

The Kennedy Administration

2 'Liberalism's High Noon?' Lyndon Johnson and the 'Great Society’  The 'Great Society' and

the Problem of American Liberalism

3 The US Civil Rights Movement, 1954-1968 (RF)

Discrimination in America

For more resources, see also:

Race Relations and Black Power 

4 The Vietnam War (RF)

Vietnam and Johnson

5 Vietnam and the Home Front: The Student Movement and the New Left' (RF)

Vietnam : the antiwar movement and the New Left

For more resources, see also
6 ~ Reading Week: No Lecture or Seminar ~
7 'When it all came crashing down': The Counterculture and the Music of the 1960s 


For more resources, see also
8 American Woman: Women’s America and Women’s Rights 

Women's America

9 Resurgence: The Rise of the Right, 1960-1975 

For more resources, see also:
10 Nixon and Watergate 


1 Lecture: Module Review
Click the link for the practise
question, and complete it under exam
conditions in your own time (1hr, no interuptions, no resources).

Seminar will consist of a revision session, focusing on key themes, 1920-45
2 Lecture: Exam advice

Mock Exam Review 

We will run through the mark scheme and
you can mark your practise papers. We will consider key themes post 1945

3 Bank Holiday. No lecture. I will be in my office during seminar times, and will answer any questions on a one-to-one basis.