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  1. Why did the US become involved in Vietnam?
  2. Why did the Johnson administration 'Americanise' the war?
  3. Why did Vietnam become a military 'quagmire'?
  4. What were the economic consequences of the war?
  5. How does Vietnam relate to Cold War politics?
  6. How was the Vietnam war remembered in film and fiction?

Major Problems in American History, Volume II: Since 1865

Chapter Fourteen, "Vietnam and the Downfall of Presidents", pp. 427-461.

This Week's Reading

Fredrik Logeval "Lyndon Johnson and Vietnam" (2004)
George C. Herring, ‘Vietnam Remembered’, Journal of American History, 73:1 (1986), pp. 152-164.
Mitchell Lerner "Vietnam and the 1964 Election: A Defense of Lyndon Johnson" (1995)
David Card, Going to College to Avoid the Draft: The Unintended Legacy of the Vietnam War (2001)
LBJ speech on Vietnam and his decision not to seek re-election, 31 March 1968:

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