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Withdrawn Module: CAS Research Project (AM216)


Please note that this module was available
until 2016, but has since been
withdrawn and is no longer available.

  • Week 2: Introduction to the electronic primary resources available
  • Weeks 4: Working with different sources
  • Week 5: Meeting with tutor to identify suitable research topics
  • Weeks 5-9: Creation of research project and preparation of PowerPoint presentations
  • Week 10: PowerPoint presentations

This 15 CATS second-year module is compulsory for CAS students taking 15 CATS Spanish Language, but is not available to any other students. The module will allow students to work together on a collaborative research project making use of our extensive library holdings of electronic resources on the Americas Early American Newspapers, (350,000 fully searchable issues from over 710 historical American newspapers, Congress's Historical Newspapers Collection, the National Security Archive and the Digital National Security Archive: Mexico - United States Counternarcotics Policy, 1969-2013. Students are encouraged to choose a topic on US relations with Latin America.

Students will identify an appropriate individual research topic on the History, Literature and Cultures of the Americas, learn how to read documents from different sources; and present their individual research findings to their peers and to tutors in the form of a fifteen minute PowerPoint presentation. They will be assessed not only on their research findings, but also on their oral presentation of the results.

Illustrative example: Using newspaper clippings from Congress's Historical Newspapers Collection, the student will build a study of how U.S. political and media elites viewed Mexico in the period running up to the invasion of the country in 1846.