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Module timetable

  Week Seminar (Monday, 10-12 in Room B2.03, Science Concourse, 2nd floor)
Autumn Term 1 The 2007 bicentenary of the abolition of the British slave trade
2 Memory, history and trauma
3 Slave narratives
4 Marking abolition and emancipation
5 Fieldtrip to International Slavery Museum, Liverpool (Friday 2 November; no seminar on Monday 29th October)
6 Reading week (no seminar)
7 Emancipation Day
8 Historians and the centenary of emancipation
9 National heroes and epic traditions
10 Film discussion: 'Amazing Grace'
Spring Term 1 Neo-slave narratives
2 Monuments, memorials and sites of memory
3 Museums
4 Fieldtrip to Museum of London Docklands & National Maritime Museum, London (Thursday 31st January - TBC; no seminar on Monday)
5 Post-fieldtrip presentations
6 Reading week (no seminar)
7 Slavery tourism
8 Reparations and apologies
9 Dissertations and long essays
10 2007 revisited
Summer Term 1 As term begins on Wednesday 24th April, there will be no seminar this week.
2 Review and past paper session