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History, Literature and Cultures of the Americas, with a Year Abroad is a four-year undergraduate degree (course code V230). The first year consists of introductory core modules designed to provide a good grounding in the study of the Americas. In the second year students choose from among a varied selection of modules on the history, literature, film, and politics of the Americas. Students spend their third year at a university in the Americas, taking advantage of the different courses on offer to them there. (Students who hope to study in Latin America during their Year Abroad will have had to study Spanish Language Modules in their first and second years.) On their return to Warwick for the fourth year, students have the chance to take specialised modules that focus in depth on particular subjects and periods.

Please note that starting in October 2015 may choose to move to a three-year variant that does not include a Year Abroad (course code V231).
Year Two
Year Three
Year Four

All first-year students must achieve a mark of 40% or more for each of their modules in order to progress to their second year of study. They must also have submitted all pieces of assessed work. A student that fails one or more of their first-year modules (or fails to submit all assessed work) will be required to resit the relevant exams and resubmit the relevant essays.

Final degree classification for the four-year degree is calculated from the results of the second year (40%), the results of the Year Abroad (20%), and the results of the fourth year (40%). Final degree classification for the three-year degree is calculated from the results of the second year (50%) and the results of the third year (50%).