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Year abroad

CAS students may spend their third year on a Year Abroad at a partner institution in the Americas, learning at first-hand about countries they have studied in the first and second years. The Year Abroad gives you the chance to embark on a new range of courses, and to develop and pursue new interests related to the history and culture of the Americas.

CAS students may also choose to take a three-year version of the degree without a Year Abroad (V231).

On a Year Abroad, you will study at one of our partner universities in Canada, the United States, Latin America, or the Caribbean, each of which is chosen for the quality of the educational and cultural experience it provides, and for offering a safe, supportive environment in which to live and study. If you want to study in Latin America you will gain real fluency in Spanish. Wherever you are, you keep in close touch with staff at Warwick, and a member of CAS staff will visit you while you are there.

Please note that a Year Abroad place at a particular institution cannot be guaranteed and availability changes each year. When allocating places, your academic performance, including first-year results, may be taken into account. Students who hope to study in Latin America during their Year Abroad will have had to study Spanish Language Modules in their first and second years. Many of our partners will require students to reach B2 level to be able to participate fully in the classes.

The CAS Year Abroad is run through the History Department. Please click here for more information about the History Year Abroad.


Year Abroad Coordinator

Dr Lydia Plath

l dot j dot plath at warwick dot ac dot uk

Currently on Year Abroad