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Latin Literary Texts

This module is for those who are coming to the University with an A* or A in Latin at A2 or for those at the University have previously completed the Latin Language and Literature module.

It is important that all students who take this course have reacquainted themselves with the language before arriving this October, particularly those first years who have had a gap year. There will be a limited amount of time in the first term given to syntax but this will focus on the material which was introduced at A level. You are expected to start the course with the level of knowledge you had when sitting the A2 examinations. 

Vocab / Grammar / Advice


Language is at the core of the module, and the heart of any language is vocabulary. This is a list of the vocabulary which you are expected to know on arrival. Make sure that you have gone over it carefully. 


You should also revise grammar. You will need to buy a copy of A Latin Grammar by James Morwood, published by Oxford University Press, and know get to know your way around it before your arrival.

  • Nouns

Experience has shown that not all first years have as good a knowledge and recognition of case endings as they should. You should know the case endings for the five declensions (including i stems of the third declension) thoroughly and know the adjectives and pronouns well. You should be able to recognise cases quickly and accurately in practice.

  • Verbs

You should also have a good working knowledge of tenses, being able to recognise the tenses and translate them appropriately and being able to form any person of any tense from given principal parts, including subjunctives, participles, gerunds and gerundives for all conjugations.

Test yourself on grammar: this document enables you to identify whether your knowledge is where it should be in terms of speed and accuracy. If it is not, then you will need to work at this before you arrive.

Reading Latin Texts

As well as reviewing your knowledge of grammar, it will be useful to read over Latin texts. You can either revisit texts you were examined on over the summer, or get ahead with the texts for the coming year. Be aware that you will be reading significantly more Latin - around four times as much as you read in your A2 year

Further advice

You must come up properly prepared in order to get off to a good start. If you have any questions or want any guidance, please email the module convenor, Dr. Bobby Xinyue at b.xinyue[at]