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Dr. Consuelo Martino

Dr. Consuelo Martino

Teaching Fellow

Tel: tbc
Email: consuelo dot martino at warwick dot ac dot uk

Room 2.04
Faculty of Arts Building, University Road
University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7AL


Consuelo completed both her BA and MA in Italy at the University of Padova, where she specialised in Roman History and Latin Literature before moving to St Andrews for her Ph.D. in 2017. Her thesis “Remembering Republican Leaders, Constructing Imperial Lives. Suetonius and the Dawn of the Roman Empire” explored how key figures and events of the Late Roman Republic have informed Suetonius’ narrative of the Julio-Claudian emperors in the Lives of the Caesars. From February to July 2021, she was Research Fellow at the University of St Andrews on the project Autocracy: Leadership Ancient and Modern, working with Principal Investigator Dr Emma Buckley (University St Andrews).

    Research interests

    Consuelo’s research is centred on the history, literature and culture of the Late Roman Republic and the Augustan principate as well as its reception in the empire. Her work applies an interdisciplinary approach that involves the study and the interactions of literary texts with material culture and non-literary evidence. She is particularly interested in political history, representations of leadership and memory studies and she is currently working on turning her Ph.D. thesis into a monograph.

    Alongside her work on Roman leadership and on Suetonius and the Republic, Consuelo has published chapters and articles on Latin literature and Roman History, including an article on Cicero’s pro Cluentio and Livy’s account of the Bacchanalian Affair (Richiami alla pro Cluentio nei ‘Baccanali’ di Tito Livio, RSA 2015) and a book chapter on Livy’s engagement with late Republican politics in AUC I (The Present and the Past: Echoes of the Late Republic and Augustan Rome in ab Urbe condita 1, in Roncaglia, A. 2021). She worked on contributions, together with Prof. Luca Fezzi (University of Padova), to the international project Palingenesie der römischen Senatsbeschlüsse, 509 v.Chr. – 284 n. Chr. (Münster, submitted; forthcoming 2022). Recently, she has also investigated the interactions between Latin biography and rhetoric in a forthcoming chapter (“You Shall Not Dance! Suetonius’ Life of Gaius between Invective and Historical Truth”, submitted; forthcoming late 2021, Pisa University Press). In the past, she organised an international and interdisciplinary event on literary authorship from antiquity to the digital age.

    Her other research interests include: the study of combat trauma and cultural trauma in antiquity; the ‘alternative voices’ to Augustus in the Triumviral age (43-31 BCE) and their survival in imperial literature and culture; the memory of the Republic in imperial literature and cultural history; the evolution of political propaganda; cultural memory and memory sanctions.

    Teaching and supervision



    Office hours

    Term 2 Office hours will be Online via MS Teams only due to the Covid-19 current situation on Monday 10-12 (from Week 2). If this time does not work, feel free to email me and we can arrange another appointment.
    Office hours in Term 2, Week 4 (31/01) and 5 (07/02) will be on Tuesday 01 and 08/02