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Location: London, Institute of Classical Studies, Senate House

Monday 11.09


9.30-9.45 Welcome

1- 9.45-10.25 Michael Boylan (Marymount University), '”Blood Ties”: The Unifying Role of Blood in Ancient Medical Explanation'

2- 10.25-11.05 Georgios Kazantzidis (University of Patras), ‘Where do Emotions Reside? Affective Fragmentation in the Hippocratic Corpus’

Chair: Christine Salazar

11.05-11.40 COFFEE BREAK

3- 11.40-12.20 Hynek Bartoš (Charles University, Prague), 'Parts and Wholes in the Hippocratic On Regimen'

4- 12.20-13.00 Sean Coughlin (Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Excellence Cluster Topoi), 'Two Models of Bodily Coherence and Incoherence in Aristotle’

Chair: Giouli Korobili

13.00 -14.45 LUNCH

5- 14.45-15.25 Elizabeth Craik (University of St. Andrews) ‘Body and Mind: Hippocratic Medicine and Greek Tragedy’

6- 15.25-16.05 Laurence Totelin (Cardiff University), 'A Woman in flux: Fluidity and 'Bursting out' in Hippocratic Gynaecology'

7- 16.05-16.45 Orly Lewis (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), ‘Pulse and Pain as Holistic Symptoms'

Chair: Peter Singer

16.45-17.30 COFFEE BREAK

8. 17.30-18.45 PUBLIC LECTURE Vivian Nutton (First Moscow State Medical University) 'Humoralism and the Environment'

Chair: Chiara Thumiger

18.45-20.00 DRINKS

Tuesday 12.09

9- 9.30-10.10 Julius Rocca (Humboldt Universität zu Berlin), 'In Health (and in Sickness): Pneuma as a Holistic Concept in Galen'

10- 10.10-10.50 Brooke Holmes (Princeton University), ‘Is there an Organism in Ancient Medicine?’

Chair: Sean Coughlin

10.50-11.20 COFFEE BREAK

11- 11.20-12.00 Peter N. Singer (Birkbeck, University of London), 'What do we Mean by Holism? Galen and Beyond' 12- 12.00-12.40 Helen King (Open University), '"Treating the Patient, not just the Disease": Reading Ancient Medicine in Modern Holistic Medicine'

Chair: Simon Swain

12.40-14.00 LUNCH

13- 14.00-14.40 Christian Laes (University of Antwerp), 'A notion of 'Disability' in Latin? Jurists, Lexicographers and Medical Writers'

14- 14.40-15.20 David Leith (University of Exeter), 'Holism and the Methodists'

Chair: Peregrine Horden

15.20-15.50 COFFEE BREAK

15- 15.50-16.30 Claire Trenery (Queen Mary, University of London). ‘Was Madness a “Mental” Illness?: The Influence of Ancient Ideas About Mind and Body Interaction in Twelfth-Century England’

Chair: Petros Bouras-Vallianatos

16.30 - Final remarks