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Democracy and Imperialism Discussion Forum 2013-4

Democracy and Imperialism Discussion Forum 2013-4 Questions and Goals for the Democracy and Imperialism Course

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  1. My question for the year is: to what extent was Athenian democracy characterised by ritualisation?
  2. I would like to explore in greater detail the role of the tribes in democracy, in terms of their use in breaking allegiance to the old aristocratic families and subsequent issues.
  3. To what extent can we view our modern democracies as coming directly from ancient Greece. Have there been so many changes and evolutions over the centuries that it makes modern and ancient democracy incomparible?
  4. I would like to explore whether democracy originated more from the bottom of society or it occured due to concessions from the aristocracy in a sort of 'social awakening'.
  5. I would like to know how Democracy impacted culturally upon Athens. More specifically in relation to Greek Tragedy.
  6. My question is 'Does democracy inspire imperialism and did the concept of spreading democracy influence imperialism, in a similar way to today's forceful democracies?
  7. How much was Athenian democracy developed from its conception? How long did it take for it to become the democracy we think of as "athenian democracy" today?
  8. Just updating the thread with my question from the lecture - to what extent was the Athenian empire made possible by the natural resources of Attica? How important were the silver mines to Athenian power? Would another city state have formed a similar empire or democracy if it had the same natural bonuses?

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