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Greek Culture and Society - Organization

There is normally a two-hour lecture per week, which takes place on Tuesdays, 13.00-15.00. Lectures are supplemented by seminars.

Due to social distancing measures, the scheme above has now been modified, with lectures becoming online synchronous and only seminars held face to face every week (in smaller groups). For more details, please consult the module's moodle page.

Students are advised that attendance at every lecture and seminar is compulsory since the assessed essays and exam paper will draw upon the material covered in them. If you have to miss a lecture or seminar for some good reason, please let the module coordinator know in advance if possible, or as soon as possible thereafter. All students who are absent from a seminar will be required to produce a piece of written work of approximately 1,000 words, on a subject designated by the module coordinator, in order to help them catch up on what they have missed. These pieces of written work should be submitted to the module coordinator within two weeks of the absence, as designated by module coorinators.

Students are expected to do some consolidation work after each lecture, working from the weekly bibliographies. Specific readings are recommended, but you should aim to read widely, choosing a couple of more specialized works according to your interests in addition to the recommended readings.