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Greek Culture and Society - Syllabus

For the most up to date information, please always consult your Moodle page for this module.

Lectures & Seminars 2020-2021

Lectures (Mondays 4-5pm) are online and synchronous and usually one hour long.

Face to face meetings/Seminars (Tuesdays 1-2 and 2-3pm) are also one hour long. The class divides into two smaller groups to achieve social distancing.

Lecturers Key: EB = Dr Emmanuela Bakola; JD = Professor James Davidson; DF = Dr David Fearn; EC = Professor Eric Csapo; ZN = Professor Zahra Newby


Week 1: Introduction: Greek Culture and Society in a comparative perspective (JD)

Week 2: Varieties of Greekness; the Greek polis (JD)

Week 3: Greek Religion and Festivals (JD); AND Seminar 1 on 'Looking at Winners'(JD)

Seminar topics, pre-reading, groups, times and locations: see Seminar page

Week 4: Medicine, magic and science (JD)

Week 5: Dining & the Symposium (JD)

Week 6: Synchronous session on How to write an essay; using and referencing bibliography; essay topics for term 1; scrutiny of past essays; dos and don’ts (EB)

Week 7: Women and Gender in ancient Greece (JD)

AND Seminar 2 on Aristophanes, Ecclesiazusae (EB)

Seminar topics, pre-reading, groups, times and locations: see Seminar page

Week 8: Performance literature in antiquity from Homer onwards; performance and society in Athens (EB)

Week 9: Athenian Tragedy: Aeschylus’ Persians (EB)

Week 10: Athenian Comedy: Aristophanes Clouds (EB)


Week 1: Art and the body (ZN)

Week 2: Art and architecture (ZN)

Week 3 Greek Mythology part I (EC)

Week 4: Greek Mythology part II – and iconography (EC) AND Seminar 3 on the Symposium (DF)

Symposium seminars sessions will take place in the Teaching Grid in the Library. For pre-reading, groups etc see Seminar page

Week 5: Homeric worlds I (DF)

Week 6: Homeric worlds II (DF)

Week 7: Historiography and Herodotus (DF)

Week 8: Sport, competitiveness and lyric (DF) AND Seminar 4 (DF) on Sappho

Week 9: Understanding the world from Homer to the fifth century (EB)

Week 10: Radical reassessments of man and the world: the sophists (DF)


Week 1: Revision and exam practice (DF)
Week 2: Revision and exam practice (EB)
Week 3: Revision and exam practice (JD)