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Term 1: 2020

(all sessions in Term 1 are taught by EWR)

Week 1 Introduction

Week 2 Writing Roman history

Week 3 Inscribing Roman history

Week 4 Visualising the emperor, including a seminar: Images of Augustus

Week 5 Slaves and Freed

Week 6 Imperialism and Romanisation, including a seminar: War Monuments

Week 7 Roman Arabia

Week 8 Death and burial, including a seminar: The Campus Martius

Week 9 Religion

Week 10 End of term consolidation

Term 2: 2021

Week 1 Patronage (EWR)

Week 2 Re-founding Rome: Virgil’s Aeneid, including a seminar: Themes, issues and modes of reading: Virgil Aeneid 12 (VR)

Week 3 Desiring Rome: erotic elegy, with emphasis on Ovid Amores 1 (VR)

Week 4 Transforming Rome: Ovid’s Metamorphoses, including a seminar: Themes, issues and modes of reading: Ovid Metamorphoses 1 (EG)

Week 5 Trade and economy (CT)

Week 6 Art and architecture: domestic space (JB)

Week 7 Art and architecture: public space (KJ)

Week 8 Coinage (SFK)

Week 9 Roman Greece (MC)

Week 10 Sex and Gender (EWR)

Term 3: 2021

Week 1 The City of Rome

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Week 2 Revision: exam gobbets (EWR)

Week 3 Revision: exam essays (EWR)

Module tutors in Term 2: Jacqui Butler | Micaela Canopoli | Suzanne Frey-Kupper | Elena Giusti | Kieren Johns | Zahra Newby | Victoria Rimell | Conor Trainor

Remains of the Circus Maximus

Sunset on the Palatine Hill

Inside the Pyramid of Cestius