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Vacation Reading

Take advantage of the pause in your hectic schedules over the Xmas vacation by consolidating this term's work and preparing ahead for next term. As regards consolidation, select two topics unrelated to the essay you've written, and follow up some of the suggested reading. There's a lot of reading material available electronically, as well as the possibility of holiday loans from the library.

Before the spring term, you should also read the following in translation:

  • Virgil's Aeneid
  • Pliny the Younger, Letters
  • Tacitus, Agricola

This will help you with your work in the spring term (particularly for seminars), and will also consolidate what we've been looking at during the autumn.

Keep an eye on the module website; essay titles for next term will appear at some point over the next few weeks too.

If you feel that you'd like to get a better grasp of chronology and narrative history to complement the diachronic thematic approach of the lectures, try Alston, R. (1998) Aspects of Roman History, AD 14-117; or Boardman, J., Griffin, J. and Murray, O. (1991) The Oxford History of the Roman World or Goodman, M. (1997) The Roman world 44 BC-AD 180 or Le Glay, M. (2004, 3rd edn) A History of Rome.